April 19, 2024:

Friends of Apphia contacted us via Concerned Citizens. They have created a fundraiser to earn money for any additional legal or security expenses that the non-profits and community members may incur as this process moves forward. We confirmed with ShatterOps and Jesseca Rodriguez that these funds will be in support of Apphia Noel. If you would like to donate you may do so by clicking HERE. Please be praying for Apphia’s upcoming court hearing scheduled for April 25, as confirmed by Jesseca Rodriguez.

We were also notified by a friend of Jesseca Rodriguez that someone posted a negative comment on the fundraiser that was removed. After looking at the details of the anonymous donor we know that the fake name they used was not a friend of Apphia or any real person attached to this case. Based on this anonymous individual’s email address, we have strong reason to suspect it was the actual predator. This type of behavior further confirms who the actual liar, abuser, stalker, and impersonator is in this case. We will have our investigators look into this matter further. In the meantime, anyone who wishes to donate towards Apphia Noel’s legal and security fees is welcome. It is poetic justice when perpetrators pay money towards their own downfall. Thank you to everyone providing support via prayer or financial donations to aid justice in this matter.

April 7, 2024 UPDATE:

Apphia Noel turned herself into the courts and has begun the process of fighting the erroneous child abduction charge against her. Due to community and non-profit supporters, she was able to post $500,000 bail and has a competent attorney now helping her. She has protection in place to help ensure she is kept safe throughout this process.

Also, we were recently informed that after the initial request made by Jesseca Rodriguez in July of 2023, the US Marshalls have stated they are the ones who came to her home on 2/22/22. They neither confirmed nor denied the allegations against them of illegally trespassing around her home, the illegal search of her home, or their intimidation of Jesseca when they accused her of being uncooperative when she refused to give them her phone after they told her they didn’t have a warrant. They allegedly repeatedly called her phone preventing her from calling for help after she saw several armed men with guns around her home without vests identifying them as US Marshalls.

JULY 30, 2023

Bodycam footage provided by both PTC police and the Fayette County Sheriff's Department has been reviewed by our organization. It was provided to us by an anonymous source along with emails from said departments. It is our understanding that numerous child and legal representatives in the state of Georgia have been provided with this evidence for investigative and opinion purposes. All of the evidence is currently under review by those with legal experience to explain how law enforcement chose to aid in the sexual exploitation and abuse of children. The statements and bodycam footage provided by law enforcement are disturbing to say the least.

On 12/20/21, both Fayette County Sheriff's, PTC detectives, and DA Investigators arrive at the residence of Jesseca and Alex Rodriguez and Apphia Noel. Bodycam footage provided by the Sheriff's Department begins after officers have already forcefully removed Apphia Noel's sons from the home. When Jesseca requests bodycam footage from all law enforcement representatives seen in the video, the Fayette County Sheriff's office claims that she was provided with all bodycam and information on file. To be clear, they are claiming they entered a private residence filled with children in order to obtain a woman California claims to be mentally unwell and a danger to her children, while not video recording their entry into the home. The PTC Police Department stated that none of their detective's on the scene were wearing bodycam's either.

***Every interaction and visit the PTC police make to Jesseca's home is recorded via bodycam. The only time no officer appears to feel the need to wear bodycam is when they are raiding Jesseca's home with the intent of capturing a victimized mother trying to protect herself and her children.

The bodycam footage shows Jesse Noel Junior screaming for help for almost 10 minutes while officers stand around doing nothing to protect or comfort him. Clearly terrified, this child tells everyone that his dad is really mean, that his grandmother is mean, that his father hurts both him and his little brother, and that Jesse Noel Senior touches his penis and threatens to kill his mother (Apphia Noel). Jesse Junior is repeatedly heard refusing to get into the California investigator's vehicle and implores them not to take him back to California. He promises them that his mother is really really nice and that his father is the meanest person you will ever meet.

Fairly soon after screaming that his father is abusing him, a Fayette County officer opens the front door and tells the person outside to get the father here for the child. Jesse Junior's response is to scream No, no, no, noooooooooo! Eventually the California team gets Jesse Junior into their vehicle and you can see on camera that he tries to get out of the car forcing them to activate the child locks.

Narrative of 12/20/21 provided by the Fayette County Sheriff's Department via email:

On 12/20/2021 at approximately 1520 hours, I, Spc. M. Williams, Sergeant A Santos and Spc. T. Mindar, responded to 103 Greenway; Peachtree City in reference to an agency assist.

Investigative Supplemental:

On 12/20/2021 at approximately 1520 hours, I, Spc. M. Williams, Sergeant A Santos and Spc. I. Mindar, responded to 103 Greensway; Peachtree City in reference to an agency assist.

Upon arrival we made contact with investigators, Bob Anderson and Jennifer from Los Angeles CountyDistrict Attorney. They had an Order to Domesticate Foreign Judgment issued by Judge Scott Ballard, Superior court of Fayette County. [Take note: this official supplemental leaves out CA Investigator Jennifer Martin’s last name. - sloppy police report or intentional?]

The order stated that in the name of the state of Georgia, you are hereby authorized to force entry into any residence, building, structure or vehicle in which you have reason to believe the minor children are located or where information pertaining to the location of the abducted children may be found.

Investigator Bob Anderson and Investigator Jennifer made contact at the front door with the babysitter. Inv. Jennifer took custody of the one year old child and Inv. Anderson took custody of the ten year old child. Both children were placed into the Los Angeles County investigators vehicle without incident. [The official sheriff’s report states 'without incident'. I guess everybody’s entitled to their own unique perspective, but I would argue that a child screaming in terror for almost 10 minutes that his father abuses him, his brother, and his mother - right before you forcefully hand him over to his father, definitely qualifies as ‘an incident’.]

The children's mother, APPHIA NOEL has a felony warrant out of Los Angeles County, California for, CHILD STEALING with full extradition. APPHIA was not on scene. [A warrant filed against Apphia by California Judge Powell, who is known to be incompetent and corrupt. He has one of the lowest judicial rankings in the state of California. Investigations have been opened against him due to numerous complaints filed by those who had the misfortune of attending his courtroom and also by attorneys. It is our current understanding that he has been transferred from family to criminal court. Rather than arrest or disbar him, California moves him around the system to inflict damage wherever he can. Powell is inept and evil. He was appointed to his family court position by Governor Brown in 2018. Judge Powell charged her with parental kidnapping, but sure, I guess 'child stealing' works here also in the world full of lies you and other law enforcement representatives have tried to create in this case.]

PTC Police response to original article about this story published in the Citizen in April of 2022. (This article was later removed as if it had never existed):

" Since Mrs. Noel’s residence is located within Peachtree City, three members of our Criminal Investigations Division (in two unmarked vehicles) provided perimeter security while Fayette County deputies and the LA County Investigators executed the court order and attempted to serve the arrest warrant. Upon completion of the service, our detectives notified the lead investigators that one of the children required medication. It was our understanding the children were being immediately taken to their father who had all proper arrangements in place. The Peachtree City Police Department had no further involvement with execution of the order."
Matt Myers, Assistant Chief of Police

PTC response to concerned community members who had contacted them about this case between March-May of 2022:

"Since Mrs. Noel's residence is located within Peachtree City, three members of our Criminal Investigation Division (in two unmarked vehicles) provided perimeter security while Fayette County deputies and the LA County Investigators executed the court order and attempted to serve the arrest warrant. Upon completion of the service, our detectives notified the lead investigators that one of the children required medication. It was our understanding that the children were being immediately taken to their father who had all proper arrangements in place. "Let me know if you have any further questions." Chief of Police Janet Moon

Our Response to the PTC Chief and Assisant Chief of Police:

[Your detectives witnessed Jesse Junior in terror of his father, screaming loud enough for the neighborhood to hear that his father was abusing him, his mother, and his brother - and you did NOTHING! You knew he was traumatized and abused by his father and you had zero issues with him being driven and handed over to Jesse Noel Sr by Jennifer Martin, who we all know is corrupt.]

Dear American's:

If you want to see what human traffickers might look like, look no farther. Every cop, investigator, and sheriff's deputy in this video is a child trafficker and or kidnapper. I'm sure their justification for handing over a screaming and terrified boy to his abuser is that they were following Judge Ballard's orders. Let that sink in. As long as a judge orders it, serve and protect flies out the window. There is no difference between a grown man like Jesse Senior molesting a child himself, and any individual that forces a child into the hands of a molester. Every officer who stood around making fun of, or bragging about how they were going to capture a terrified and abused mother, all while her child is screaming in terror of his father in the background, deserves......I have no words. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the majority of American police are only in place to enforce the will of those in power. The will of those in power is rarely justice or protection unless it somehow serves them. To those families living in Fayette County Georgia and all of California - If you aren't willing to fight this corruption, leave. Leave now. Your tax dollars are being used to fund a movie industry and injustice system that will do nothing but harm and abuse you.

Think through what you have witnessed in this video. A boy tells police officers that his daddy touches his penis and he is screaming in fear of being handed over to his father. The police respond by forcefully taking him to his father.

If any normal America had seen a group of men trying to force a terrified child screaming at the top of his lungs into a car, they would have the authority to use any means necessary to stop the gang of thugs trying to kidnap a child and hand him over to a child predator. Unfortunately, we have been brainwashed into believing that either all cops are good, or that we have no authority to stand up to them when they are clearly in the wrong. Wake up. This gang of thugs in badges forcefully handed over a sexually and physically abused boy to his abuser. They are all responsible for the abuse of a child. Judge Ballard is entirely responsible for the sexual exploitation and physical abuse of a child. Rather than protect a little boy standing on Georgia ground, they willingly handed young children over to California and the child molesting Noel family.

If the law in America truly allows men with badges to force a child into the hands of a child suffocating pedophile, then we as moral American's, have a huge problem that needs to be immediately addressed nationally.

What any person with a functioning IQ and a conscience should have done in this scenario:

Child: "My daddy's really mean, he hurts me and my brother, and he touches my penis."

Bad Cop: "Somebody get this kids dad here now." "Drive these kids to their dad, right now, before their mom gets here."

What a good cop would do: "Hey Judge Ballard, this child is clearly terrified of his father. He has made multiple allegations of abuse in our presence. Should we be handing this child over to his alleged abuser? Hey Judge, I don't feel comfortable handing this boy over to his father. Should we call DFCS? Something is clearly going on here. This child is clearly traumatized."

Child: "My daddy threatens to kill my mom. My daddy hurts me. Please don't take me to my daddy."

Bad Cop: Ignores the words coming out of a victimized child's mouth. Arrogantly jokes about how they're going to get the abused boy’s mother who is the only adult actually protecting the children. Mocks how the boy’s mother speaks on the phone.

What a good cop would do: "Hey Ballard. I think there's something to this case. Are you sure you want us to arrest this mother and hand her children over to the father they are clearly terrified of? This mom said she has an upcoming ex parte hearing signed by you. Is that correct? If so, why are we handing the children over to their alleged abusive father before their hearing? Judge Ballard, based on how this child is reacting he is clearly in fear of his father and is telling us that his dad touches his penis and hurts him and has threatened to kill Apphia. Are you sticking to your order that we arrest his mother and hand them over to Jesse Noel Sr. is what you want us to do?

*** Judge Ballard and every officer in this video is complicit in the physical and sexual abuse of two minors. They should all be held legally and civilly accountable for this.

Jesseca and Apphia have both testified that when they spoke to the police on the phone that day (12/20/21), the police told Apphia if she wanted to see her children, she had to come to the police station. That was clearly a lie. In this video footage, the apathetic female by the SUV, Jennifer Martin, clearly states that she was meeting Jesse Noel Sr at the courthouse to hand over the boys to him. As we suspected, since they clearly have no problem with lying, why did they ever invade Jesseca's home. They could have just tricked Apphia into bringing her children to the police station.

Terrorizing victimized women and children, and those willing to help shelter and protect them was their only goal on that fateful Monday. Ask yourself why, in this cultural climate, all of these agencies claim they don't have bodycam footage of their entry and kidnapping of Apphia Noel's children? What has transpired with the Noel family and legal organizations involved in the case from coast to coast is highly irregular and horrifying.

Legal entities with no jurisdiction to help in the case have equated what Apphia Noel and her sons have come up against, is nothing short of organized crime involving our criminal justice system. Look at California Investigator Jennifer Martin's face as Jesse Junior is crying on the ground beside the SUV they are trying to force him into. She looks annoyed and inconvenienced. This despicable woman from California is not the least bit bothered that she is about to drive a screaming child to his father who she knows has and will continue to abuse the boy. This is the same woman who emailed Jesseca in a threatening manner. [this is covered below]

To weakly attempt to cover his own mistakes, Judge Ballard eventually blamed all of this on Apphia for failing to show up at the ex parte hearing he eventually scheduled for her in January of 2022; the hearing he scheduled after he grounded a warrant for her arrest and after he returned her precious boys to the sadistic and hateful Jesse Noel Sr. The hearing that no one ever notified Apphia of via her lawyer or her contact information on file. Take note that when the cops are laughing and strutting about Jesseca's front yard in the presence of a traumatized Jesse Jr, one of the officers says that if she doesn't show up for them to arrest her, they can always schedule an arraignment. Judge Ballard never had any intention of helping Apphia or her children. He willfully and intentionally placed an entire family in extreme danger.

According to witnesses, PTC Chief Janet Moon was provided with sexually suggestive photos taken of Jesse Jr. According to witnesses, PTC detectives heard Jesse Jr clearly state he was abused by his father during his forensic interview completed in Georgia. Not one law enforcement agency or Judge in Georgia appears to have the morality, competency, or balls to stand up for an abused child. At least not when California and Hollywood are the abusive party.

To all the cowards and predators in the bodycam video from 12/20/21:

If there is any justice left in this country, every single one of your arrogant, apathetic, and incompetent behinds will end up in prison where, if Karma exists, you will all get to experience the terror and abuse you forced on a 10-year-old boy. I guess it didn't occur to a single one of you to listen to Jesse Junior screaming that his daddy hurts him, and begging you not to take him back to California to his dad. You forced and locked a child into your unmarked SUV, and drove him and his baby brother to their worst nightmare. You didn't call the judge to make sure kidnapping Apphia's sons was the right call, even after listening to Jesse Juniors screams of terror and accusations against his father. If you had, then all the blame could have been laid at Judge Ballard, Janet Moon, and all of California's feet. Instead, you stood around laughing and chatting while an abused boy screamed in terror for your help. I and so many others are so disgusted by you we have no words to adequately express how much we despise you. If I lived in your town, I would NEVER call the police. You give police who actually care to serve and protect a bad name. Every single one of you in the video is the same as Jesse Noel Sr. and every other child molester in this world. You are ALL complicit in the sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of minors. You are all complicit in the abuse and oppression of their mother, Apphia Noel.

Human trafficking is a serious federal crime with penalties of up to imprisonment for life. Federal law defines "severe forms of trafficking in persons” as: "(A) sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age; or (B) the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery." [U.S.C. §7102(8)]

Kidnapping is a serious crime that is prohibited by both federal and state laws. It is commonly defined as the taking of a person against his or her will, or restricting that person to a confined space.

***Clearly, these are only crimes in America if you don't have a badge or gavel. Seems a bit hypocritical, doesn't it?

Jesse Junior's testimony to his mother: Daddy takes me to places and people you don't know and I don't like it.

Jesse Junior's testimony to multiple adults and children: My daddy hurts me. He steamrolls me (rolling or laying on top of him on the floor or bed bruising him). My daddy suffocates me. My daddy touches my penis. My daddy is really mean to me and my little brother. My daddy threatened to kill my mom. I am terrified of my daddy. I think my daddy also hurts my mom. My daddy bedboards me, i.e. holding me by the ankles and slamming my head into the bed headboard. [Not one police officer, district attorney, or judge does a thing to protect him. In fact, they actively work with the Noel family to harm him.]

Apphia found photos on her shared iCloud account with Jesse Noel Senior. Either Senior or someone else took suggestive photo's of Jesse Junior. Photos that Jesse Junior looked drugged in. [Photo's were provided to law enforcement in GA and they did nothing to protect Jesse Junior or his mother.]

Apphia told police and the courts that her husband watched live child pornography. [No one investigated.]

Apphia told the police and courts that her husband threatened to kill her, was stalking her, was stealing her identity, and that he was a violent rapist who loved to suffocate her. [Rather than protect her, Pasadena police falsified police reports pertaining to their opinion of her mental health and restraining order status.]

Multiple doctors and therapists of Jesse Junior reported suspected abuse to DCFS. [Nothing happens.]

No police officer, detective, judge, or prosecutor did anything to protect Apphia and her children. In fact, they all sought very hard to protect Jesse Noel Senior who works in Hollywood with his Academy Award winning father, Mark Noel Senior. Jesse Noel Senior never won an Academy Award. One of his many failures that he blamed on Apphia for not supporting him enough. I'm not sure how she could have supported him further beyond raising their sons mainly on her own, running her multi-million real estate business, and being frequently and sadistically raped and abused by him.

Brief Summary of Crimes and Stupidity in this Case:

1. Pasadena police officers write false and inaccurate police reports.

2. Jesse Sr violates his restraining order and is not arrested.

3. Apphia and her son report physical and sexual abuse leading to = Judge Powell denying her a permanent restraining order against Jesse Sr and forcing her to hand over her children to their father.

4. Multiple medical professionals report suspected child abuse of Jesse Junior by Senior to DCFS. It goes nowhere.

5. Senior is caught on bodycam footage and court transcripts claiming to be suicidal, rather than a murderous man intent on killing his wife. Judge Powell forces Jesse Junior and Asher into his unsupervised custody anyway.

6. November 17, 2021 custody hearing was not continued by Judge Powell to a later date, after Apphia's attorney steps down leaving her defenseless...you know, the attorney who was terrified of the Noel's and thought they had cursed her.

7. Police, sheriff's, and CA investigators forcefully hand over Jesse Jr and Asher to Senior, and flat out ignore his cries and screams for help.

8. GA police fail to accurately report what transpired when they kidnap Apphia Noel's sons.

9. The belief or hope by those in power that Apphia will return to court in CA is truly incredible and speaks to your ignorance. Apphia's life was threatened by her husband. You never protected her and Judge Powell left her without a restraining order. The Noel family has the skillset and lack of character to abuse children and woman. Murder isn't a far stretch. They do stage car accidents and explosions as part of their jobs in Hollywood. Jennifer Martin and GA Judge Ballard seem to believe that Apphia would be foolish enough to return to the same court system where Powell asked her 89 questions about her abuse while she's sitting a few feet away from Senior. You think she's going to place her life in the hands of police officers who have proven they don't follow the law? In the hands of a judge who ignores her child's pleas and further enables his abuse?

How many Criminal Justice Professionals does it take to compose a functioning and ethical brain?

Allow me to help you. Help me, help you:) Good luck trying to convince anyone that Jesse Junior wasn't abused by his father now that we possess the bodycam footage from 12/20/21. Everyone involved in this gross abuse of Apphia and her sons will never get away with this. Here are some legal avenues that anyone in the appropriate jurisdictions are welcome to consider as a way out of this grave you have all dug for yourselves:

1. Arrest and imprison Jesse Noel Senior for violating Apphia's original restraining order.

2. Acquire Jesse Noel Senior's digital devices and investigate him for the crimes of possessing and producing child pornography.

3. Immediately place Jesse Junior and Asher into protective DCFS custody and properly investigate the entire Noel family for the abuse of children.

4. Indict Jesse Noel Senior for the rape and physical abuse of his wife, for the physical and sexual abuse of his children, for the attempted murder of his son when Apphia had to drag him off of Junior during his suffocation attempt, for the possession of child pornography, and for illegally storing explosives at their home, which is a federal offense.

5. Investigate and disbar Judge Powell. You know he is either the dumbest man on earth or taking bribes. There is no other explanation for his rulings in the courtroom both in Apphia's case and so many others.

6. Investigate the Pasadena police department and charge them. They are known to be one of the most corrupt police departments in America so it shouldn't really come as a surprise to you that they are complicit in this.

7. Drop the false charge of parental kidnapping and the ridiculous warrant for Apphia.

8. Investigate Jennifer Martin and the DA's office for not prosecuting Senior.

9. Restore Apphia's parental rights that we are sure you have illegally stolen from her.

JULY 30, 2023

The HARASSMENT experienced by Jesseca Rodriguez and her family:

On December 26, 2021, 5 PTC police vehicles pull up outside of Jesseca's home. She is talking to her friend who was visiting from out of town and they had just returned from lunch. Officers approach their parked vehicle without warning and immediately demand they get out of the van and ask them both for ID after forcing them to stand at the back of Jesseca's van. They do not explain why they are there or why they are demanding ID. After a few minutes, Jesseca asks one of the officers what this is all about and he rudely responds that he'll let her know in a few minutes. On bodycam footage it is made clear that one Officer P had called Officer G to the scene because he was an old friend of Jesseca's, and they wanted to use him to question Jesseca to see if she knew and would reveal the location of Apphia Noel. Apphia Noel fled the area on the day they kidnapped her children. This was made clear to the police on 12/20/21. Officers on this day claim they detained Jesseca and her friend because her license place was tagged as being operated by a fugitive. It is clear from the one bodycam provided from 12/20/21 that the police knew the van belonged to Jesseca and not Apphia. Without cause and for 19 minutes, multiple PTC officers detain Jesseca and her friend and repeatedly ask Jesseca if she knows where Apphia is staying. Jesseca repeatedly tells them she doesn't know where she is but does tell them to be praying for the Noel children who she believes to be in extreme danger.

Jesseca's friend from out of town looks nothing like Apphia Noel. Her weight, age, and appearance are completely different. Fortunately for the PTC officers she was an extremely kind and respectful woman who handled her unlawful detainment and treatment in a manner these officers did not deserve. It's also interesting to note that all of these police that are so interested in returning Apphia to a state where she will likely be killed for speaking the truth, never seem to know what her name is or even what she looks like.

On February 22, 2022 several armed men arrive at Jesseca's home and begin pounding on her door. Not knowing who they are Jesseca hides in her kitchen. She wants to call for help but someone is repeatedly calling her phone. Men begin to walk around her home going through her closed pool bins and tapping on the window talking to her 3 year old son. One of the men see's her in the kitchen so she eventually goes to the front door and cracks it open to see who they are. The identify themselves as US Marshalls. One of the first things they ask her is if she'd called 911. She says she couldn't because her phone kept ringing and the man says he was the one repeatedly calling her. They want to search her home. She asks them if they have a warrant and they admit that they don't. She allows them to search her home. They make her walk in front of them up the stairs and when they determine Apphia is not at the residence they also ask to look at Jesseca's phone. She doesn't want to hand over her phone to these men. They have already stated they don't have a warrant. They accuse her of being uncooperative and then leave. On their way out the main guy she interacted with handed her a US Marshal business card with the number scratched off and a new number written on the back. Jesseca later looked up this Marshal's photo and he was not the man who handed her the card at her home. She also witnessed this group of armed men going to other houses in her neighborhood showing Apphia's photo around and asking if anyone had seen her.

On April 5, 2022 Jesseca is convinced by good law enforcement officers and victim advocates to file an incident report with the Fayette County Sheriff's Department about the abuse she had witnessed concerning Apphia and her sons, and also about police or US Marshals coming to her home with threats, intimidation, and illegal action (going through her backyard and searching through her bins without a warrant or permission). Both Jesseca and the friend who accompanied her to the sheriff's department were refused the right to fill out the incident report and spoken to in a very intimidating and disrespectful manner. The male officer repeatedly interrupted them, kept referring back to the 12/20/21 incident trying to defend their actions, when Jesseca and her friend were trying to report the PTC police incident of 12/26/21 and the US Marshal incident of 2/22/22. Jesseca and her friend were told they were lying and not to use the word harass because that particular male officer didn't approve of that word. After being verbally attacked and interrupted repeatedly by this man they stopped talking and walked out of the department. [full audio recording of their interaction with the sheriff's department is available upon appropriate request] Jesseca was further traumatized by this experience. Her children are now having nightmares about the police and her youngest daughter who turned 2 when the "US Marshal's" showed up now believes police are bad guys. Jesseca and Alex are trying to correct this way of thinking because they don't want their children believing they live in a world where men with badges can't be trusted.

On May 2, 2022, CA Investigator Jennifer Martin emailed Jesseca:

Hello Apphia,

This email is to inform you of a restraining order that has been filed against you in Los Angeles California. Please see attached order.

Thank you - Jennifer Martin, Sergeant, Special Operations Division, Child Abduction Unit, Bureau of Investigation, Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, 211 W. Temple Street #300 Los Angeles CA 90012, Office 213-257-2600, Cell 213-220-1010, Jmartin@da.lacounty.gov

On May 12, 2022 Jesseca responded to CA Investigator Jennifer Martin:


This is Jess and this is my email account. I do not know where Apphia is. I have no way of contacting her. Apphia did not receive this email.

Sincerely, Jess Rodriguez

On May 12, 2022 Detective Marko Tudic responds to Jesseca's email:

Thanks for the info.

Marko Tudic, Corporal
Pasadena Police Department
Detective/Special Victims Unit
207 N. Garfield Ave, Pasadena CA 91101
Office: 626-744-3868
Email: mtudic@cityofpasadena.net

On June 8, 2022 CA Investigator Jennifer Martin emails Jesseca again [Jesseca had been invited to community events by concerned community members to share what she had witnessed and how our local leaders had assisted in the abuse of Apphia and her children. It appears that someone might have told Martin about this]:

Hello Jessica,

Based on a recent conversation I had with Peach tree city police department, you still have contact with Apphia. Please advise her if she or anyone has questions regarding this case they would need to contact Passadena Police department or my department. Peach tree city police department does not have anything more to do with this case. The best way for Apphia to see her children is to come back to California and tell her story to the new judge that will be handling her case. I have tried to contact Apphia via her cell number she recently contacted Jessie on in which she had several conversations with him pleading him to get back together with her. However, she has blocked my number and I am unable to reach her. The best way for her to resolve this issue is to come back to California and tell her story to the judge here.

The case will not go away by sending letters to anyone in Georgia.

Sergeant Martin

On June 20, 2022 Jesseca responds to Jennifer Martin:

Hello Jennifer Martin,

Thank you for taking the time to email me once again with false information. Please read my response below:

1. I have not had contact with Apphia Noel. If the Peachtree City Police Department told you otherwise, they are lying. If you were lying about them telling you this, I have Cc'd Janet Moon in this email. The next law enforcement officer to contact me making false accusations against me will have the pleasure of speaking to the attorney I will hire to address your continued attempts to harass or intimidate me.

2. Thousands of people in GA have been made aware of what has transpired in CA and in GA regarding Apphia Noel and her children. I have 100's of people that I know are highly concerned and angry at what both you and GA law enforcement and judges have done to endanger the children. They may write to whomever they wish, whether you agree or not. Our community has now been made aware of all of your actions and many of them will not let such injustice stand where we live. It does not matter at this point whether people in GA do their jobs, acknowledge what they have done to Apphia and me, or take responsibility for themselves. You have no control over how my community responds to stupidity and lawlessness.

3. Based on what I have seen judges and police in CA/GA do so far, I have zero faith in your words regarding a new judge. Even if you have one, if they are as willfully blind as Judge Powell and the rest of those who dropped the ball on arresting an abusive pedophile and rapist, I wouldn't expect much from anyone else you assign to this case.

4. Based on your words, it's obvious to me what side you are on. Not the side of facts and truth, but of lies. I don't have to be in contact with my friend to know she would never ask a rapist and pedophile to get back with her.

5. You have ignored testimony and evidence from Jesse Jr, Apphia, and others that Jesse is a rapist and child abuser, even though he has a history of these accusations. Your police department did not enforce my friends' restraining order. Your Judge Powell ignored his own expert psychologist who said Jesse Jr was abused and refused to listen to other witnesses. Judge Powell continued the hearing in November where he gave the children over to their abuser, after Apphia's attorney stepped down leaving her without representation. Detective Tudic failed to show up for the forensic interview of Jesse Jr that was scheduled prior to the August 6, 2021 hearing. I hope that when everything each of you has done comes to light that you lose your jobs. How dare you help a man who has raped his wife, an anonymous person, sexually abused his son, and physically abused and suffocated his wife and children go free, while trying to get people to believe that Apphia had an undiagnosed mental disorder. There is no justice system. You represent nothing more than incompetence at best, if not an intentionally unethical legal system.

Sincerely, Jess

*** After Jesseca sends this email, neither Detective Tudic or Jennifer Martin email her again.

On July 5, 2023 Jesseca calls the US Marshal's Office multiple times to confirm whether or not the agents that showed up at her home on 2/22/23 were real officers. [She did this based on the advice of those who actually work with the Marshal's service telling her that what transpired at her home on 2/22/22 was against their protocol and that they sounded more like a hit team sent to apprehend Apphia Noel.]:

As of today, July 30, 2023, the US Marshal's Service has failed to respond to Jesseca's multiple phone calls and voicemail asking them to either confirm or deny that it was actually their officers who trespassed around her property on 2/22/22.

[They can only respond in one of two ways: A) It was indeed them and they broke their own rules by preventing her from calling for help and creeping around her property without a warrant, or B) It was not US Marshal's who showed up to her home on 2/22/22, indicating that someone with motive sent several armed men, impersonating federal agents, to Jesseca's home with the intent to seriously harm or kidnap Apphia Noel, had she been there.]

During the month of July, 2023 Jesseca Rodriguez contacted the PTC police and Fayette County Sheriff's department requesting all bodycam and reports filed on her address or name. She had to make multiple requests before receiving additional bodycam. When she asked the PTC police if the US Marshal's had notified their office before coming to her home on 2/22/22 they initially stated "No, but they don't have to, it's a courtesy." They have since informed Jesseca that they themselves contacted the US Marshal's asking whether they had sent agents to Jesseca's home on 2/22/22. To our knowledge, the Marshal's office has not answered the PTC police department or Jesseca. According to our anonymous source, Jesseca filed a police report with the PTC police department on 7/28/23. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see where that leads.

Over the last few months, several acquaintances and friends of Jesse Noel Sr have approached Alex Rodriguez where they all work at the movie studios. Now that this case is gaining exposure it appears they are trying very hard to get people on Senior's side. Fortunately for the Rodriguez family and Apphia, Alex is a strong and loving man who cares about the safety of women and children. We've been told he walked away from his well-paying job at the movie studios because he will not support the abuse of women and children in any way. It appears that threatening his job will no longer be a feasible option for the Noel family.

New witnesses have come forward claiming that Jesse Noel Junior told the Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center in Georgia that his father was abusing them. Junior's accusations against his father would have been listed in their report that was provided to the PTC police department but never provided to Apphia Noel.

Knowing what Jesse Junior had said about his father, the PTC police department still assisted California law enforcement, at the behest of Judge Powell and Ballard, to forcefully return Jesse Junior and his brother Asher to their abuser. One witness also stated that an SVU officer did not believe Jesse Junior because kids "don't talk like he did".

Allow me to educate you sir: Jesse Junior had been going to therapy in CA, including group therapy for young children who were abused. Jesse Junior is also highly intelligent and obviously smarter than you. How dare you call a 10 year old boy a liar. Perhaps his intelligence and former therapy to deal with his trauma allowed him to speak at a higher level, one you clearly aren't capable of. You sir, are on par with Judge Powell who thinks he's smarter than medical doctor's and licensed therapists who did believe Apphia's son Jesse Junior. I hope anyone suffering from sexual assault in your town has somewhere to go other than your police department. Ick.

To address anyone who would like to go against the testimony or expert opinions of mental and medical health professionals that believed Jesse Junior, and who did not believe he was coached:

Jesse Junior did not share much with his mother about his abuse. Most of the time, if she would ask, he would either get angry and say he didn't want to talk about it, or he would have a seizure. Apphia stopped asking him to give him space and to protect him medically. Jesse Junior threw up 3 times on the way to his forensic interview that day in GA. His mother did not have the heart to make him tell anyone else. He was brave enough on his own and fought through his fear and the betrayal he had experienced from other Criminal Justice professionals like this SVU detective, to tell yet another stranger what had happened to him. He wanted to protect himself, his little brother Asher, and his mother. Once again he, his mother, and his brother Asher were betrayed by the people we pay taxes for that are supposed to protect us.