The State Sanctioned Abuse of Apphia, Jesse, and Asher Noel.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Cast.......2

Chapter One.......2

The "Justice" System.......6

Jesse Daniel's Voice Will Not Be Stolen.......7

Escape to Georgia........12

The Local GA Community.......16

Senior's vs Apphia's Restraining Order.......21


The Noel's.......31

Red Flags.......31


Letter to All Americans.......36

To Those Involved.......39

A Note to Jesse Noel Senior.......40

Action Steps.......41

Summary of Charge Sheet for Jesse Daniel Noel Senior.......42

Just a Few of the Noel Family's Motion Base Projects.......43

America has always had small pockets of stupidity and corruption running through our justice system. Behavior that has eventually risen to the surface like curdled milk, and once spotted, hopefully scraped away. We have now reached a level of corruption that I never believed possible in this country, one reminiscent of 3rd world and communist nations. One where people are willfully placed in danger by the system in place that was created to protect them. The safety and rights of American families are being trampled. Children are knowingly placed in the hands of their abusers and forcefully taken from parents whose job and right it is to love and protect them. Over the past few years, I have found myself often asking the question, what are we, as American citizens, supposed to do to protect ourselves and our children when the legal organizations placed over us are now intentionally endangering our lives, the lives of our children, and trampling on our constitutional freedoms; on our rights guaranteed by God and natural law. Our legal right to defend and protect ourselves and our children is dissolving right in front of our eyes.

I want to share a true story about a horrific legal case that was brought to my attention at the beginning of 2022. This is an ongoing situation threatening the lives of a mother and her two brave young sons. Our legal system, both in Pasadena, California (Hollywood) and Fayette County, Georgia (aka little Hollywood), has willfully endangered this mother and her children. For what reason you may ask; all to protect evil, money, and power. Barring drastic change in this nation from both us and those that supposedly protect and represent us, this story already has, can, and will happen to us all.

“The world’s a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” - Albert Einstein


(As this story is entangled with members of Hollywood and law enforcement, I thought I would break down the characters in this ongoing tragedy as one might in a play. Sadly, there is nothing fictional about what you are about to read.)


Apphia Noel (mother of Jesse Daniel and Asher)

Jesse Daniel Junior (son of Apphia and Jesse Senior, now 12)

Asher (son of Apphia and Jesse Senior, now 4)

Jesseca (friend of Apphia and her children)

Medical doctors who tried to help Apphia and her sons.

Witnesses who tried to help Apphia and her sons.

Teachers who tried to help Apphia and her sons.

Every member of either California or Georgia communities that have spoken out against what has happened and is happening to Apphia Noel and her sons.


Jesse Noel “Senior” (husband of Apphia and father of Jesse Daniel and Asher)

Jesse Seniors family (his father Mark Noel is an Academy Award winner)

Pasadena Police Department

California Judge Michael R. Powell

California DA Investigator Jennifer Martin

Villains and/or Nincompoops

Robin Sax and Erin Grey (attorney's for Jesse Noel Senior)

California Detective Tudic

St. Elizabeth Parish School in Altadena, California.

Georgia Judge Scott Ballard

Chief Janet Moon of Georgia’s Peachtree City Police Department

Fayette County Sheriff’s Department

California’s Department of Children and Family Services


Chapter One

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Apphia Noel early in the year of 2022. Though it took time for her to trust myself and others, she eventually opened up and shared about her life, her decision to leave her abusive husband when she realized he was abusing her son, and the shock and utter hopelessness she experienced when she realized the justice system she had always believed in, would actively assist her raping, child abusing, hebephile of a husband and his family. It will take time to break down the details of her story so please bear with me. Apphia is presently being hunted down by federal law enforcement at the behest of California Judge Michael R. Powell and Georgia Judge Scott Ballard. A warrant was put out for her arrest for parental kidnapping. This charge and every legal action preceding it was not only unlawful but has placed this mother and her young sons in extreme danger. Their situation is ongoing, and the following story is compiled from her own testimony (recorded and transcribed), her son’s testimony (recordings, court documentation, and witness accounts), certified court and legal documents, and witness accounts to the abuse she and her sons suffered at the hands of police, judges, and her husband known here forth as “Senior”. Apphia gave me permission to share her testimony this year should I be unable to reach her or if her children were still in the custody of Senior and his family. They have been in the hands of their abusers since December 20, 2021, and no one with the power to do so, has done anything to protect her children. All court documentation and evidence were provided to me by multiple anonymous sources. Though I have several hours of recorded testimony, only a small amount of them are included here as exhibits.

Apphia Noel was born into a second-generation Hollywood family. She had loving successful parents who cared for her and her siblings. Her father supported and protected her. He raised her to believe in God. One of his final words to her was that he hoped she would continue her pursuit of ballet. He died of cancer when she was 12. Soon after his passing she was headed to the Big Apple to train with the School of American Ballet, the official School of the New York City Ballet. She would continue to honor her father’s last wish for much of her early life as she traveled around the world dancing. When she was around 24, she met a young man named Jesse Noel Senior whose family was also involved in the movie industry. Sadly, a relationship she thought might fulfill her desire for family and love would eventually place her in the most dangerous situation she had ever faced, shatter her belief and trust in our justice system, and expose what really controls the legal system, particularly around Los Angeles and Fayette County Georgia. Money, power, and connections.

Early in their marriage, Apphia built highly successful ballet studios around Los Angeles. Four years into her marriage with Senior she had her first son, Jesse Junior. In 2016 she sold her successful dance studios and had started a lucrative career in multi-family real estate. She followed her husband to Georgia in the year of 2016, the beginning of the end of her happy marriage. It was in Georgia, while Jesse Senior was working on the Marvel film Black Panther, that he would subtly begin his abusive behavior towards Apphia under the guise of “trying new things”. It was in Georgia that he first raped her, started walking on her, and slapping her so hard that he left his handprints all over her body where others would not see. Fortunately for Apphia, she made lifelong friends during the year she lived in Georgia. At least one friend began to notice and ask her about bruises, but she would laugh them off saying she bruised easily, and she eventually returned to California in 2017 with her husband and young son Jesse Daniel. At the time she thought Senior was going through a difficult phase and would eventually get back to the man she thought she had married. This was not to be.

Between the years of 2016 and 2021 his abuse would increase in intensity and frequency. From 2020 forward it would become unbearable. During these same years she would experience serious loss, including her grandmother and mother who had been fighting cancer for years. Even though she was suffering immense grief and facing increasing danger at home, she continued to work hard to provide for her family and took care of Jesse Daniel and his little brother Asher whom she would give birth to in January of 2020; all independent of her husband who told her that the only thing that mattered in life was his comfort. She would not find out until late 2021 that her husband had been accused of rape during the same month she gave birth to little Asher, in January of 2020. [Exhibits 10, 33, and the end of this article] She would not learn until 2021 that her husband was also abusing Jesse Daniel. Though she had been bothered for several years by Senior’s interactions with her son, interactions that would leave Jesse Daniel screaming for help and bruised, Senior always played it off as rough housing. Initially Apphia would believe him to be an idiot who didn’t know his own strength. She had grown up with two sisters and thought she just didn’t understand how boys played. Her belief in Senior’s excuses would eventually change. [Exhibits 19, 21, 22, and 23]

It appears Senior’s “comfort” was dependent upon raping and demeaning his wife, abusing alcohol to the point his brother Casey and Apphia had to search for him in the streets during all hours of the night, abusing Jesse Daniel while initially passing it off as rough housing, completely ignoring baby Asher except when screaming at him and breaking his favorite toy, calling him Annoying which was his only name for Asher, raping unknown parties while his wife was pregnant, suffocating his wife and Jesse Daniel, watching pornography that included younger and younger participants as time went by, hurting Jesse Daniel and Apphia while laughing about it, showing up at any time during the day or night, and continuously sleeping in bedrooms of their home that were not his own. Eventually “his comfort” would extend to threatening Apphia’s life, researching how to kill her, building a ladder into a hidden basement of their new home and threatening to leave her in it where no one would ever find her, and statements like “do as thou wilt”, “if you ever leave me I will destroy you”, “I am the predator and you are the prey”, and “let’s have a talk” (his special phrase indicating he would drunkenly drag her to the bedroom if she did not go willingly). Once Apphia realized that Jesse Senior was intentionally physically hurting their son, she would try to stop him which often led to “let’s have a talk”. [Exhibits 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and 40]

In the spring of 2021, a series of events occurred that led Apphia to finally file for a restraining order to protect herself and her sons. The first was an interaction between herself and Jesse Senior. By this time, she was so fearful and broken down she had lost a great deal of weight and was very weak. It had gotten to the point that she tried to wait until Senior had left the home before she would take a shower because she did not want to be vulnerable or undressed around him. Unfortunately, on this particular day, when she stepped out of the shower, she would find him home and waiting for her. [Exhibits 27 and 28]

The second event occurred one evening after she had put her children to bed. She was warming food in the kitchen when Senior strolled in late. She asked him not to go wake up Jesse Daniel, but he immediately went to Jesse’s bedroom anyway. At first it sounded like they were playing around. Then her son suddenly screamed and was silent. She dropped her food and raced down the hall to find her drunk husband laying on top of her son who was face down on the bed. He was holding a pillow over Jesse Daniel and suffocating him as he had also done to her. Jesse’s arms were helplessly flailing around when she jumped on Senior and dragged him off their son. She grabbed Jesse and ran down the hall to her bedroom. She locked the bedroom door and leaned against it on the floor while trying to comfort her terrorized son. She was overwhelmed pushing against the door just waiting for her husband to pursue them. Miraculously, that night, he did not. When she asked her son if his father had done this before he said yes. When she asked for more detail Jesse Daniel said he would stop smothering him when he started looking at his phone. [Exhibits 23 and 24]

The third and final event was when she accidentally grabbed Senior’s laptop from their home to take with her to a doctor’s appointment for Jesse Daniel. He had been having absence seizures and Apphia was desperately trying to figure out what was going on. She would later be informed by at least three health care professionals that they believed Jesse Daniel was being abused. All three of them reported this to the Department of Children and Family Services, to no avail. During this doctor’s appointment she would open her husband’s MacBook, one identical to her own, and discover his disgusting search history. Searches on suicide, if one could collect life insurance if their spouse committed suicide, how to kill his wife, and live child pornography. Apphia admitted that her husband had long been addicted to porn. She stated that sometime between 2020 and 2021 she twice caught him looking at child pornography. The last time she caught him was when she woke up and looked over to see him watching what appeared to be a pre-pubescent orgy of boys and girls. She was so disturbed she blurted out Jesse “Senior” No! That’s too young! This frightened her because she rarely spoke back to him about anything; but she was horrified by what she saw and spoke before thinking. Fortunately for her, Senior retreated with his phone to the bathroom and locked the door. [Exhibits 29 and 30] After Senior realized she had his laptop with her that day, he called her close to 30 times in a row telling her to bring it back! She was frightened by what she had found and fearful for her life. She lied and told Senior that she had forgotten his laptop at the hospital and he went looking for it.

Senior’s father Mark Noel Senior has been nominated and won an Academy Award and has become indispensable in the creation of movies. He is a voting member of the Academy, meaning he helps determine which people and films are represented at the Academy Awards Ceremony. This family works in special effects and Mark Noel Sr owns the rights to specialized equipment that is used in many action movies created today. Senior is in possession of and works with explosives. He is a licensed pyrotechnician and an expert in special effects. (When Apphia found explosives illegally and unlocked in her garage at home, Senior’s attorney Erin Grey threatened that if she reported the explosives she found in their family home Senior would never be able to pay child support). He has his own company and works with his family in film, ( His two brothers have both served in the military and are scary in their own right. They now work in the movie industry. Casey sent a text to Jesseca’s husband Alex threatening to take his job if they continued to help Apphia and her sons. Their mother Sharon may be the worst of them all. She is controlling and emotionally abusive. In a drunken state, Senior told Apphia that not only did his mother laugh when he told her at the age of 7 that a babysitter had sexually abused him, she had also abused him. Senior is not the only member of his family to struggle with violent and criminal behavior, or substance abuse. Over the period of multiple interviews, the Noel's would come up in conversation. I have pulled Apphia's testimony from different interviews to create one transcript you may read here. The transcript is incomplete in that I have more recordings concerning the Noel's that are not included here. [12, 34 and 35] Apphia is not the only person to make accusations of violence against the Noel's.

The Noel's

After calling the police a few times, who did nothing, on April 29, 2021, Apphia filed for and was granted a temporary restraining order against her husband Jesse Noel Senior. [Exhibit 16]. Her temporary restraining order would be extended until August 6, 2021, due to the original hearing date (5/20/21) being extended until 8/6/2021 [Exhibit 18]. Her husband would repeatedly violate the restraining order with others witnessing him doing so. No matter how many times Apphia called the Pasadena Police Department, they would fail to enforce Jesse Senior's TRO violations. From April forward, responding officers would label Apphia via code in their police reports as an insane person, they would falsely state in their reports that her temporary restraining order had expired, or they would state that she had no evidence. On one occasion Officers Greene and Reille would file a report that Senior had indeed violated the restraining order [Exhibit 6]. For some unknown reason he was never arrested or prosecuted for the violation, even though California law clearly states that the consequence of a restraining order violation is an automatic arrest. [Exhibit 4]

During the time frame of April 2021 to August 6, 2021, Apphia’s phone, email, bank, and credit card accounts would be hacked and she would be locked out of them or begin to receive pornographic material texted to her by unknown parties. Her husband would frequently drive by her home which was also witnessed by two of her employees. Her mail was somehow forwarded to Senior’s parents’ house. Dead animals were left outside by her bedroom door and feathers stuck in her driveway either painted red or dipped in blood as witnessed by neighbors. A stranger walked into her home and down the hallway towards her bedroom where she was hiding, demanding to speak to Senior. He only left when she called to her employees who were right outside her house. Friendly neighbors removed the dead animals left for her and eventually added security to their own home as they were so disturbed by what was going on. Immediately after Apphia’s temporary restraining order was granted, her husband began contacting her tenants and told them they had to pay him, a clear violation of the restraining order as she had been given full control over her rental properties. She called the police and had witnesses, yet he was never arrested. Senior’s friends or people they knew in common suddenly began calling her incessantly, some of whom stated that Senior was calling everyone and saying, “I’m not saying she’s (Apphia’s) crazy, but….”. A loving husband who is genuinely concerned for his wife and children does not make calls like this. This is a clear sign of an abuser.

During this same time period (April – August 2021) Jesse Daniel’s doctors would also file reports that they suspected he was abused. At the recommendation of Jesse Daniel’s medical doctors, Apphia took her son to meet with a therapist. His therapist, Bren Chasse, LMFT, also believed Jesse Daniel was abused. She told Apphia she had to report her findings to the police and DCFS. At one point Apphia spent hours with Bren Chasse, and a DCFS worker waiting on Detective Tudic to show up for a forensic interview at her office in Pasadena. Detective Tudic failed to show. At the time Apphia did not understand how odd it was for a detective to skip this meeting and fail to reschedule the forensic interview for a later time. Jesse Daniel would then be ordered by the court to meet with Dr. Diane Kelley (a court appointed psychologist) who would also go on to report that he was abused during the August 6, 2021, hearing. Despite all of the evidence compiled against Senior, Judge Powell would end up awarding him with unsupervised custody of Jesse Daniel and Asher for several days a week, seal Dr. Diane Kelley’s testimony to hide his wrong doing, refuse to hear from most of Apphia’s witnesses that waited all day to testify, refuse Apphia a permanent restraining order, humiliate her with traumatic questions in open court in front of her abuser, and stated that he did not find her or any of her witnesses to be credible. [Exhibit 9 available upon request to legal agency personnel. Exhibit 43 (Aug 6 Hearing redacted to remove Kelley's testimony on behalf of Junior)]

The "Justice" System

Before fleeing to Georgia Apphia filed an ex parte hearing request with the court for full custody. Even though there was new evidence of abuse after Jesse Daniel and Asher were forced to stay with Senior for two weeks, Judge Powell denied her request for a hearing.

I wonder if Fayette County has always been that way, or if the movie industry and local Marvel film headquarters, have now influenced the legal system and the foolish decisions they make concerning the safety of abused women and children?)

(The following testimony of Jesse Daniel and his bravery in the face of adults who failed him one by one, is compiled from Dr. Diane Kelley’s testimony of what he shared with her, witnesses and teachers that he confided in, a recording of his own voice when he told police that his father was abusive, and from his loving mother Apphia. This 9-year-old boy, who is now 11, told multiple witnesses in Georgia, California babysitters, teachers, afterschool workers, psychologists, his mother, the courts via Dr. Kelley, and the police that his father was abusive. No one in a position of power to protect him did anything; apart from his mother who fled to Georgia hoping to find someone to protect her family under the UCCJEA statute (allows a mother in danger to flee with her children to another jurisdiction where they have previously resided, to seek legal protection). Concerned community members of Fayette County Georgia, also tried unsuccessfully to help Apphia and her children, exposing a corrupt and incompetent legal system there as well.)

Between 2016 and 2021 there would be random occasions that Jesse Daniel would cry out in pain or scream for his mother. In the beginning Apphia would run in to help, and Senior would excuse what was happening by saying they were just roughhousing and act like Apphia was being overly concerned. Once Jesse Daniel started to have seizures Apphia initially suspected that it might be from Senior coming home and ‘play-fighting’ with Jesse Daniel.

She was later informed by medical professionals that these types of seizures are often connected to a particular kind of abuse. Jesse Daniel’s seizures would come up in court and Senior’s attorneys would falsely claim that his seizures were due to a small mass detected by the doctors Apphia took Jesse to see. Apphia was informed by these doctors that the small growth they discovered was not uncommon and was definitely not the cause of his absent seizures. Senior might have known this had he attended these doctor’s visits for his son. Rather, he repeatedly told Apphia that Junior was fine and didn’t need to keep going to the doctors. Or perhaps he and his attorneys did know the truth, and they misconstrued the facts anyway.

Eventually, it got to the point where Jesse Daniel would call out for her help, and she would run into the room and tell Senior to stop. Beginning in 2020, during many of these occasions her interreference in the “roughhousing” would lead to more drunken “Let’s go have a talk” instances with Senior. On the same night Apphia had to drag intoxicated Senior off Jesse Daniel, who he was suffocating, as they lay against the locked master bedroom door hoping Senior would not follow them, Jesse Daniel confided to his mother that these suffocation events had happened more than once. Soon after this incident she filed for and was granted a temporary restraining order. [Exhibits 9 (Full Aug 6, 2021 hearing available upon request to appropriate agency), 43(Redacted August 6 Hearing), 23 and 24]

After Senior was ordered to leave their home Apphia would find disturbing drawings hidden in her son’s room [Exhibit 15a, 15b, 15c, and 15d]. These drawings were shared with mental health professionals in California and Georgia, all of whom believed that they were indicative of physical and sexual abuse. After his father was out of their home for a month or so, Jesse Daniel began to open up more and told his mother additional details about what had transpired between him and his father [Exhibits21, 22, and 40]. Apphia called the police. They decided not to show up until after 10pm. One officer, Rosa, questioned Apphia about what violence she had personally experienced and asked her why she wasn’t crying when she tried to speak with him. When she was telling him about sexual abuse at the hands of Senior, he asked her if she enjoyed it! At the same time, she was being questioned, another male officer questioned her 9-year-old son alone. Jesse later told his mother that the officer scared him.

Medical professionals trying to find the cause of Jesse’s seizures would recommend counseling. After Jesse Daniel opened up to his mother about the details of the abuse his father had done to him, she immediately made an appointment to take Jesse Daniel in to see Dr. Cambou, his pediatrician. After speaking with Apphia, Dr. Cambou requested to speak to Jesse Daniel privately. Afterwards, she told Apphia that she would have to call the Department of Children and Family Services to report the abuse Jesse Daniel had spoken to her about committed by his father. Later on, while Jesse Daniel was in the custody of Senior Jesse Daniel became very sick. Senior took Jesse Daniel in to see Dr. Cambou. While at the appointment Dr. Cambou asked Senior if she could have a moment alone with Jesse Daniel to speak with him. According to Jesse Daniel, Senior vehemently refused and abruptly left the office with him. (My guess is he's never taken Jesse Daniel back to this pediatrician.)

After this appointment, Apphia started taking Jesse Daniel to see Bren Chasse, LMFT. After meeting with Jesse Daniel Junior, Chasse told Apphia that she was very concerned about physical and possible sexual abuse. Chasse told her that hiding "XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX" is a common sign of sexual abuse, and that Jesse Daniel’s drawings also implied physical and sexual abuse. Though Chasse could not share with Apphia specifically what Jesse Daniel told her prior to the August 6, 2021, hearing, she waited with Apphia and a social worker for Detective Tudic for a forensic interview that he chose not to show up for. She was furious when Detective Tudic did not show up to Daniel’s interview. Bren Chasse suggested Apphia enroll Jesse Junior in group therapy for kids who have experienced sexual abuse and Apphia took him every week. Jesse Daniel asked his mom if the other kids in the class were hurt like him. When she said yes it made him feel better that he wasn't alone. Bren Chasse was on call all day on August 6, 2021, to testify but Judge Powell refused to hear her testimony.

Jesse Junior was also ordered by the court to meet with Dr. Diane Kelley. This is a summary of Dr. Diane Kelly’s testimony of what she thought, and what Jesse Daniel shared with her: When he spoke with her, he shared that he was terrified of his father. Jesse Daniel said his dad didn’t live with them anymore because he hurt him.He testified that his father had given him black eyes. Jesse stated that his father liked to suffocate him and that if his mother wasn’t there he would have to lay still and wait for his Dad to get tired or look at his phone before he would stop. He said he would tell his Dad to stop but he never would. Jesse shared with her that his father would spoon him at night, and that feeling his father's private parts against him made him feel anxious and uncomfortable. He said his dad would have one arm under his neck and one arm over his shoulder while in Junior’s bed and that it made him feel like he was being held down. Jesse Daniel told Dr. Kelley that he was afraid of his father and that his mother was his protector. Dr. Kelley asked Jesse Daniel the three wishes question. His answer was first to go to heaven, second that he would have a dad that didn’t hit or hurt him, and third for a pet. He was afraid to get a dog because he didn’t trust keeping a dog with his dad. He told Dr. Kelley that his dad tells him that his mom is “off her head” (he also told his mom that his Dad often implied she was crazy for believing in God. Jesse Daniel told Dr. Kelley that his dad keeps secrets from his mother and that he knows some of them (hiding wads of cash and checks in his (Senior's) car, and alcohol in his storage container are two secrets he told his mother). He told her that his mom believes in Jesus and that his dad tells him that Jesus isn’t real which clearly stressed him. Jesse Daniel told Dr. Kelley that his dad spanks him on his face, that Senior takes off his (Junior’s) underwear and pulls him across the rug leaving red marks on him, and that he will hold him by his ankles and slam his head into the headboard and that his dad calls this “bed board”. Jesse Daniel testified that his father would make his little brother cry, that he always called him “annoying”, and that he got angry and broke Asher’s birthday toy by throwing it across the room. He said it made him feel really sad. Dr. Kelley said Jesse Daniel was concerned for his mother’s safety but more for his own. Jesse Daniel testified that he believed his Dad did the same kind of roughhousing with his mother (hurt her), because he could hear her crying through the door, and his father making fun of her.Dr. Kelly clearly stated that she did not believe that Jesse Daniel was coached, that he appeared to be honest, concerned, and anxious at times depending on the topic of conversation. She said she did not ask him specific or additional questions as to whether he was sexually abused. [Exhibits 9 (Full Aug 6, 2021 hearing available upon request to appropriate agency), 43(Redacted August 6 Hearing)]

I don’t know what Jesse Daniel told the police in May when they questioned him in his home. Though Apphia or her attorney’s requested transcripts of every court hearing and bodycam footage of all her interactions with the police, they refused to provide them all to her. I do know that they questioned him outside of the presence of his mother. They questioned a 9-year-old boy alleging sexual abuse, alone, with one large male officer wearing a face mask in a room without his mother; not a child abuse professional, not an SVU professional, not a woman, but an intimidating male police officer. If this is how police departments are still managing child abuse and adult rape investigations, then the women and children in America are in clear and present danger. I do however know what he told police at the police department during a planned custody exchange where Judge Powell had ordered Apphia to hand over her young sons to their abuser. Apphia began recording the exchange when she showed up to a locked police precinct and Senior showed up with his brother Mark. She was frightened and knocked on the closed and locked police department door so an officer would be present during the exchange. She could not have predicted what her son Jesse Daniel would blurt out to these officers. But fortunately, it was all caught on record. She requested through her attorney the body cam footage from this exchange and was denied. Judge Powell would take this interaction and the fact that Apphia went home with her children after Jesse told the police his father abused him, to justify giving Senior two weeks with his abused sons, and Apphia only two days. Again, the police were told directly to their faces by Jesse Daniel that he was terrified of his father, that his father hit and abused him, and that his father had touched his penis [Exhibits 19 and 20]. His reward for bravely sharing this with police officers while his abusive father could hear him, was to be ordered by Judge Powell to spend most of his time, unsupervised with his father, and away from the protection of his mother!

Prior to being ordered to stay with his abusive father, he told his mom he was going to tell his cousins to stay away from his dad, in order to protect them. She was not able to allow him to do so, because the cousins he wanted to protect were Senior’s brother Casey’s children. When he was ordered by the court to stay with his father, he told teachers and/or aftercare workers that he was afraid of his dad and did not want to go with them. They were so concerned they called Apphia twice to confirm that he had to be released to his father. He was forced to go anyway. Several staff members told Apphia that the school was going to file a report and open an investigation with the Arch Dioses of Los Angeles. It was reported that Judge Powell or his office contacted the school/principal and they never investigated anything or reported Jesse Daniel’s accusations.

Between September and October 2021, when Jesse Junior would return to his mother for the two days granted her by Judge Powell, he told her that his dad would frequently drive past her house on his way to the liquor store, after picking him up from school. This information didn’t really help Apphia, as Judge Powell failed to grant her a permanent restraining order during the August 6 hearing. Not that it would have mattered anyway, as the Pasadena Police Department never enforced her temporary order, by failing to arrest Senior after multiple and repeated violations and labeling an abused woman as insane in their police reports. During one of the court hearings with Judge Powell, Apphia begged the court to get Senior some help for his alcoholism and Powell refused. So now based on her own son’s testimony, Apphia knew her husband was still heavily drinking, driving her children around, and continuing to stalk her with them in the car. She could not call the police because they had clearly established they would not protect her or her children. She couldn’t ask the courts for help because every time she tried, they called her a liar, refused her emergency hearing requests, refused all expert advice from medical and mental health professionals, refused to order Senior into rehab, and gave more and more unsupervised custody to her abusive husband (when there were open child abuse investigations or DCFS reports against Senior). She and her children were effectively trapped by their abusers (Senior, his family, his attorney’s, the Pasadena police department, and Judge Powell).

Jesse Daniel also told Apphia that one day when his dad came to pick him up from school, that his father walked him down the hall to a room where a woman was waiting to question him. Apphia does not know if this was a school official or DCFS worker. Jesse Daniel cried to his mother and said he was too afraid to tell her anything. If this was a DCFS worker, it is appalling that they waited 5-7 months after the initial abuse reports were made (by Jesse and Apphia, doctors, and therapists) to question him. They waited until he was fully under the control of Senior, his alcoholic, physically and sexually violent father. It is horrifying that he was walked down the hall by his abuser to be questioned about abuse. It is beyond wrong that he was questioned about what happened to him with a predator standing outside the door!

During the period of time that Apphia was forced (via threat of jail) to hand her children over to Senior during the months of September and October 2021, when they were returned to her, she learned from Jesse Junior disturbing details of how they were treated. Grandpa told Junior of serial killers of women and children. He told Junior that he used to be a good person before he married Grandma. Junior told Apphia that he sits and plays video games all day while Grandpa and Grandma are screaming at each other all day in their bedroom. He was in tears when he told her that Asher was left in dirty diapers all day and that they fed him on the floor with the dog. He said when Asher would play outside and fall down, that no one would help him so he would have pick up his little brother and console him. Junior also told Apphia that Senior had come into his room and slept on the edge of his bed one night. More disturbingly, he told her that Grandma would sleep in his bed in her underwear. [Exhibits 13, 14, and 36]

In California, between the months of April and October 2021, a witness who had been a long-time employee of the Noels, (Annie - pseudonym) witnessed Jesse Daniels interactions with his father and his responses to being forced to go stay with him, due to legal orders made and enforced by Judge Powell. Based on one of Annie’s professions, she is trained to recognize signs of child abuse. Prior to Judge Powell’s reprehensible involvement in this case, Senior was allowed supervised visitation with Asher, and phone calls with Jesse. After Judge Powell's involvement, the children were physically forced to go and stay with Senior. [Exhibit 1]

When Apphia was still fighting with and for her sons in Georgia, when she realized that Jennifer Martin, Detective Tudic, and the DA were not going to move forward in prosecuting Senior and that she might be unable to protect her sons, she invited over a domestic violence advocate she had met through a friend. This woman's job was not to interview Jesse Junior, but to teach him safe strategies or coping methods should he end up in the hands of his abusive father. For the first time ever in her career, she was unable to complete the training due to how traumatized Jesse Junior was from his father's abuse. [Exhibit 2]

Jesseca is a unique witness in that she knew Apphia and Jesse Junior since 2016. She knew Jesse Junior when he was around 5, she visited with him and his mom in California a few times, and Apphia, Jesse, and Asher stayed in her home from October 2021 until they were kidnapped by CA police and GA Fayette County Deputies on December 20, 2021. Before Apphia ever told her about the abuse, she had witnessed bruises on Apphia and Jesse over the years and had even captured photos that showed leg and arm bruises over the years when they were all hanging out together. [Exhibit 3]

Judge Powell ordering Jesse Daniel to stay with his father for any length of time was also in direct opposition to Jesse Daniel’s medical advice. Though Powell was provided with a doctors note clearly advising that any change in Jesse’s typical routine could worsen his seizures, Judge Powell went against medical advice and the best interest of the child and forced Apphia to hand him over to his abuser. He clearly stated he would throw her in jail if she did not force her sons to go with their father.

If you care about the safety of your children and the competency of the school you send your children too, I would never enroll my children in this school! (St. Elizabeth Parish School in Altadena, California)

Jesse Daniel's Voice Will Not Be Stolen

In the fall of 2021, Apphia was informed by National Domestic Violence experts of the UCCJEA statute that allows you to flee to a different state to request safety if trying to escape serious domestic violence. When Apphia arrived in Georgia with her two sons, she immediately went to Jesseca’s home and collapsed. Her sons, especially Asher, were despondent and exhausted from the abuse they had endured at the hands of Senior or his family. It took days for Asher to be able to go to the bathroom and he was inconsolable unless in his mother’s arms. Within a day or two of their arrival, a Peachtree City (PTC) police officer showed up at Jesseca’s door. He stated he was there for a welfare check. After speaking with Jesseca and Apphia he handed over his phone and it was then they realized CA Detective Tudic was on the phone. California law enforcement and local police knew where Apphia and her sons were within a day of their escape. Apphia stated she would fill out the Good Cause form and submitted it by October 20, 2021 [Exhibit 8]. The Peachtree City police officer did not believe Apphia was crazy or a danger to her children and left the home [Exhibit 5]. Over the next two months Apphia would call and attempt to meet with Peachtree City police and begged them to help her and investigate her son’s abuse. She was repeatedly put off and they stated this was “California’s investigation”, even though California law enforcement had failed to investigate anything that either Apphia or her son had reported.

While fighting for her sons and in constant communication with law enforcement on both the east and west coast, Apphia spent all her time with her sons, and they started to play again and rest. Asher no longer had to be constantly held and Jesse Daniel’s seizures had started to dissipate. During his time in Georgia, Jesse Daniel would tell more witnesses that he was terrified of his father. During this time, California suddenly grew an interest in pretending to want to investigate Jesse Daniel’s abuse allegations. They requested a forensic interview through PTC police, and Apphia took her son to the Southern Regional Sexual Assault Center for an interview. Again, her son was questioned outside of her presence. She repeatedly requested a copy of the report (under the Freedom of Information Act) from both the Center and the PTC police and was never provided with a copy. They also refused to provide her new attorney, Judy Sartain, with a copy. After her children were taken and a warrant was put out for her arrest, the Center told her she could only get a copy if she picked it up herself, in person. The PTC police would later state that they forwarded the report to California.

During this same time, Detective Tudic led on Jesseca and Apphia stating that Senior may get arrested. Apphia was finally starting to have faith that things may begin working for their good. On Zoom, she attended Judge Powell’s hearing on November 17, 2021, hoping that things were finally turning around. At the beginning of the hearing her attorney from California, Aleen Khanjian, said something to Judge Powell and then recused herself. Apphia was suddenly without representation. In that moment she knew that once again she and her sons were being stepped on. As tears streamed down her face, the only words she could get out were, “does this mean I don’t have representation?” Judge Powell said something along the lines of “don’t worry about it, you’ll get your chance to speak”. During this hearing, he granted full control of all of Apphia’s businesses and money to Senior, effectively stripping her of all income and the ability to legally fight for herself and her sons. He also granted Senior temporary full custody of their sons.

Instead of giving Apphia time to get a new attorney, Powell continued the hearing, violating her right to representation. I guess no one should be surprised that Aleen left her client without representation at the beginning of the hearing. It's hard to fight for justice in a court of law when you are up against people that go against the rule of law and have no interest in protecting women and children (Judge Powell, Senior, and his attorneys). She was so afraid of Senior and everyone helping him that she texted Apphia that she was afraid they’d put a curse on her [evidence of this is available]. Sometime after she left Apphia without representation during the November 17, 2021, hearing, she emailed Apphia stating that she'd always believed her and that she would be praying for Apphia and her sons. [Evidence of this is available]

It was not until December 15, 2021, that Apphia’s attorney in Georgia filed for an emergency ex parte hearing. This emergency hearing was granted by Judge Ballard on December 15, 2021. Again, Apphia had a sliver of hope that she and her sons might be protected. That hope was short lived. As soon as the paperwork was sent to California, rather than sending over all their court documentation as is customary in these types of hearings, they sent back a huge file to Georgia stating that Apphia was mentally unstable, stated she was a danger to her sons, and set in motion a plan to send out California police in cooperation with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and PTC police to obtain the children. They also put out a warrant for Apphia and charged her with parental kidnapping. On December 16, 2021, the day after Apphia was granted an emergency ex parte hearing in Georgia, Judge Powell charged Apphia with parental kidnapping. On her charge sheet he listed her violation date as November 30, 2021. Judge Ballard grounded the baseless warrant for Apphia in Georgia, disregarding her emergency ex parte hearing that he had already granted. She was never given the opportunity to request protection at the hearing for herself and her two boys in Georgia, which was her legal right.

Does anyone else notice that the moment Judge Powell and Pasadena police department’s actions in the handling of Apphia and Jesse Daniel’s case would have been exposed, they charged her with kidnapping? If she was so mentally unstable why didn’t Judge Powell immediately send police to recover her children in October of 2021, as they all knew her location. She filed the Good Cause form and submitted it to California and PTC law enforcement on October 20, 2021. If she was such a danger to her children why didn’t Judge Powell charge her with parental kidnapping on November 30, 2021, the violation date he lists on the charge sheet? What actually transpired is that Powell and Senior’s attorney’s falsified statements about her character and mental health. Statements based in zero fact. Statements there is no evidence whatsoever to support. The way he and the police on both sides of the country handled her case is clear evidence to her sanity and mental health. If she was unstable the police would have removed her children. They never did. It is important to note that police reports in Burbank, CA do not indicate any instability on Apphia's part [Exhibit 7]. Neither did the police report filed in PTC, GA [Exhibit 5]. Her children remained fully in her custody until Judge Powell handed them over to their abuser. No one believed her children were in danger in her custody. They all knew the children were safe and protected with her. They all knew the children were in danger with Senior, yet none of them cared. The ONLY thing they cared about was hiding their own actions. Actions that would have been exposed had Apphia and her sons been allowed to attend the emergency ex parte hearing she was granted in Georgia on December 15, 2021. It was not until then that she was charged with kidnapping on December 16, 2021, and her character and mental health attacked by the courts. Please explain to me how a woman they say is unsafe for her children is called by her own son, his “PROTECTOR”? Please explain to me how a woman is able to maintain two successful multi-family buildings (34 and 10 units), care for two sons who clearly love and feel safe with her, balance the loss of her mother and other family members, and the increasingly violent abuse of her husband, if she is mentally unstable? When her family first called the police fearing that Senior was going to kill her, she didn't know they were coming and was completely taken off guard. She was panicked because she already knew her life was in danger from Senior, and now he would think she'd called the police! Because she showed emotion, the police tried to 5150 her. They were unable to do so. The mental health people were called, came to the house, spoke with her, and left her with her children. In their own police reports they noted that Apphia’s brother-in-law was not aware of any mental instability concerning her. The people she spent the most time with, her sister and sister’s husband were unaware of her being mentally unwell. The truth is that she is mentally sound! Nevertheless, the Pasadena police continued to code her as an insane person when she called desperately trying to protect herself and her sons from their father.

Apphia has seen therapists randomly throughout her life to get over the loss of her father and having to raise herself since the age of 12. She was on her own at the age of 15 and managed to excel at the San Francisco Ballet school, work to provide for herself, complete a High School degree, take college courses for business as an adult, maintain a caring relationship with her younger siblings, and open her own successful ballet studios. She was never diagnosed by anyone as being mentally unstable. She was diagnosed with ADHD in her early 20's. Seeing therapists is common practice in California culture. She never had, nor was she ever diagnosed with post partem depression as Senior lied to police about, nor was she ever committed. After the loss of her mother, while being abused by her husband, she was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Prior to this, Apphia was not on medication for depression or anxiety. Any mental health professional knows that these may all be umbrellaed under a PTSD diagnosis. Interestingly, an additional diagnosis of trauma was added to Apphia’s file in 2021, once her therapist realized she was being abused. After her mother died, Senior tried to get Apphia committed and the mental health professional laughed in Senior’s face. [Exhibit 32] She told his sorry butt to take some time off from work and support his wife and family. She did not know that Apphia was being abused. The sleep aid and depression medication that she was prescribed required monthly visits with psychiatrist to refill the prescriptions. She could not abuse them if she wanted to take them throughout the month. She is not a criminal like her husband, and would not have had the time, energy, or knowledge of how to obtain prescriptions illegally. It was all she could do to survive Senior, care for her children, and run her successful businesses. She never even took the prescribed sleep aid until long after her children were asleep. The only drug and alcohol abuser in their immediate family was and is Senior. His own family knew he had a problem, and they did nothing to help him or to protect Apphia and her sons. Had the police or Judge Powell cared to investigate Senior's lies, they could have been easily disproved. They didn't bother investigating because they knew and know that she isn't crazy.

On December 20, 2021, Apphia missed a call from the head of Peachtree City SVU who was supposedly checking in on them to see how they were doing. She called back shortly after and told him something along the lines that they were safe, and all was well in the bubble (a nickname for PTC). She then, for the first time since her arrival in Georgia, left her sons alone with Jesseca’s children in the care of a teenage babysitter so she, Jesseca, and Alex could go buy Christmas presents for the kids. When they left, she was in the backseat of their van. As soon as the police believed Jesseca and Alex to be gone, they stormed the home, terrified the babysitter and all the children. They carried Jesse Daniel and Asher, crying, out of the home without medication, or proper winter clothing. The boys were in tears. The police charged upstairs to apprehend Apphia but to their shock and dismay she was not there as they had suspected.

As soon as they were informed of what had transpired, Jesseca and Apphia spent hours on the phone being transferred back and forth between Judge Ballard and Judge Kruezinger’s offices, Apphia’s Georgia attorney, and National Domestic Violence experts. During their calls to the judges’ offices, Ballard said he had transferred the case to Kruezinger who was conveniently out of town and hard to reach. Kruezinger said she had never received the case. Ballard then claims the court clerk screwed up and never transferred the case. He “took” it back, assuming it was ever actually transferred. When concerned community members would later ask him about this case, he initially blamed the court clerk, then he blamed his mistake on he and his family having Covid, and finally he blamed Apphia and said she failed to show up at her emergency ex parte hearing that he later scheduled during the first week of January 2022; a hearing that she was never notified of by anyone, including her attorney. They did not notify Jesseca who’s email, and phone number were Apphia’s contact information on file. Both the domestic violence experts and attorney they spoke to warned Apphia that the police had probably put a warrant out for her arrest since authorities allowed CA law enforcement to grab her children. At this point Apphia left Jesseca and had to seek out additional help. It would not be until halfway through 2022 that people would know for sure that there was indeed a warrant out for her arrest. This was made clear in the restraining order that Judge Powell would grant to Jesse Senior later in 2022.

Does anyone else find it interesting that Ballard schedules her hearing after traumatizing her children, returning them to California and their abuser, grounding a ridiculous warrant for her arrest, and then blames her for not showing up to a hearing she is unaware of? Does anyone else find it strange that his story trying to explain this mess keeps changing? Is it not odd and unlawful that no one informed Apphia of this new hearing? More importantly, is it not the job of law enforcement to conduct their business in the safest and least traumatic way possible…I wonder why they chose to storm Jesseca’s house and terrorize a teenage babysitter and children aged 10, 7, 3, 2, and 1, when all they clearly had to do was ask Apphia, who had repeatedly called and begged them for help, to come down to the station. They could have easily lured her and her children to the police station under false pretenses and pretended to care for her and her son’s safety. They could have said they had decided to investigate after her ex parte hearing was granted and simply said she and the boys needed to come in for an interview. Instead, they chose to charge in with guns. Does it bother only me that law enforcement in both California and Georgia knew the address where Apphia and the boys were staying since at least October 18, 2021, and if she was so mentally unsound and such a danger to her young sons, why were they not acquired as soon as their location was known. Instead, they wait to take her sons for two months! I can’t help but wonder if Judge Powell and the Pasadena Police Department were trying to hide their inaction, corruption, or incompetency in this case, and would rather place children in the hands of their abuser and hunt down a loving mother like a wild animal, than hand over the evidence of their corruption to Georgia courts; validating everything Apphia and her son had been saying since early 2021. I also find it very interesting and disturbing that law enforcement waited until they thought Apphia and the kids were alone and unprotected; after Jessica, Alex, and Apphia ­­had left their home to go Christmas shopping. Were California police even planning to bring her in, or did they have something more nefarious in mind?


The Local GA Community

Numerous members of the local Georgia Community would attempt to help Apphia. They would call tons of attorneys, but no one would take the case, or they wanted tens of thousands of dollars just as a retainer. Domestic violence experts would help her file an appeal. California would contact them later to say it was not accepted because they submitted it in the wrong format. After a lot of arguing and time wasting, California admitted that they had indeed submitted it correctly. They would later dismiss her appeal saying the filing fee was not paid. This was also false. After a lot of arguing and time wasted, they acknowledged that they did in fact receive payment. No one knows where the appeal went because Apphia was on the run and had no safe way of leaving a phone number or email to follow through. Apphia would also go on to file complaints against Judge Powell to no avail. At this point no one knew what to do and Apphia grew desperate. She contacted Senior to try and beg him to be good to her sons and asked if she could see them. He of course was cold and denied any wrongdoing. She wrote a letter to her son which I will cover under the Restraining Order Chapter. Out of desperation, in April of 2022 she tried to get a flight back to California to try and work with the courts. Those around her who understood the justice system, the level of danger Senior and his family’s money presented, and the complete miscarriage of justice that had occurred so far in her case, convinced her otherwise. So did national domestic violence experts she spoke with that told her there were many women in her situation, with powerful or wealthy husbands, languishing in prison while their kids were placed in the custody of the abusive partner with no one left to fight for them.

At this time Apphia re-located and prayed every day while researching how to save her children from Senior. Members of the local community continued to discuss this case and were disgusted at how their local leaders were a part of it. My sources testified that evidence from Apphia’s case, her son’s abuse, and letters of concern were provided to the FBI, US Marshall’s, Judge Ballard’s office, the PTC police department, directly emailed to Chief Janet Moon, and other local leaders and state representatives. No one did anything, apart from Janet Moon. She sent a letter out that many community members felt threatened by. Miss Moon, if that was your intent, you exposed who will stand for justice in your community, no matter the cost, and who will not. You separated the wheat from the chafe for that Georgia community, so thank you for that. Apphia was not being helped by any who wrote you, at least not beyond their belief in her, and the danger you placed her children in. They have very real concerns with those like you in power over them. The community members who emailed or wrote to you were not guilty of aiding or abetting Apphia. Maybe your intent was to silence those who reached out to you with grave concerns over what transpired. Maybe you had no authority to act otherwise. If so, that’s very sad seeing that the abuse of Jesse Daniel and Apphia started in Georgia. Maybe there is a statute of limitations on child and spousal abuse that I am unaware of. Maybe you cared a lot, but others tied your hands. I wonder if you took the time to contact other federal law enforcement agencies to report what you knew and saw? Did you report child molestation or child pornography? Probably not, based on the letter you sent out to members of your community. I have attached a copy of the letter Police Chief Janet Moon sent to concerned citizens who wrote to her asking for help. Commentary and corrections are made to her false or misleading statements. [Exhibit 44]

Under the legal description of aiding and abetting you have:
...................2. The accused assisted that person with the specific purpose or design to hinder or prevent that person's apprehension, trial or punishment.
(The only people who should be on trial are Judge Powell, Judge Ballard, the Pasadena police department, the Noel family, and perhaps yourself. You are the only people who aided and abetted a violent child pornographer, child molester, and rapist. You are responsible for every crime Senior has committed against his family and others since April 29, 2023. Anyone who ever chooses to help Apphia and her sons are doing the right thing. Interesting how you encourage Americans to obey the law, as you and others involved in this case continue to break it.

Apphia was awarded a temporary restraining order on April 29, 2021, in California [Exhibit 16]. It was extended until August 6, 2021, when she finally had her hearing [Exhibit 18]. Her first attorney provided the police with the copy of her restraining order extension. There are records to prove this. Her restraining order detailed serious instances of physical and sexual abuse against her and her sons. Her original order detailed his death threats, life threatening abuse such as the suffocation of herself and her son. It listed his alcohol abuse and suspected drug abuse, child endangerment, domestic violence in the presence of minors, and neglect. It was clearly stated that Senior owned a gun and that explosives were kept illegally in his family home garage and containers; weapons and dangerous materials that he did not have locked or stored properly, that her children could have accessed or that he could have used against them. Senior violated her restraining order multiple times including dead animals left outside her exterior bedroom door. Birds that her neighbors who helped with the removal stated they looked like they were suffocated (one of Senior's favorite activities with his wife and child). Birds that looked a lot like the ones that used to fly outside her window that she would say how much she loved. Also, during her restraining order, her tenants were directly contacted by Senior who tried to get them to pay him her rental income from her businesses, a clear violation of the order. He repeatedly drove by her home. One time he drove by slowly with the window rolled down pointing to her home with another man sitting beside him the car. This was witnessed by her contractors as well. A man she did not know walked into her home like he knew the layout and walked towards her bedroom asking in a menacing voice where Senior was and said that he was there to see Senior. This was also witnessed by others. She was followed by unknown parties wherever she went, and they weren’t even trying to hide the fact they were following her. Her personal email and new email addresses she got were hacked and she was locked out of them. Her phones, phone accounts, business and bank accounts were hacked. Her mail was forwarded to Senior’s parents' house. The police never arrested him! During the August 6 hearing Judge Powell refused to grant her and her children a permanent restraining order, regardless of witnesses attesting that he violated the restraining order, that he was into child pornography, and that he abused Apphia, Jesse Daniel, and Asher.

Senior’s (TPO) Restraining Order That Was Granted By Judge Powell: (Exhibit 17)

TPO: Section 5d – “I am terrified that Petitioner (Apphia) has me and the children under surveillance and that she plans to kidnap our children again, cause me serious bodily harm or death and I will never see our children again.”

REBUTTAL: Apphia has never laid a hand on you and you know this. Apphia has never followed or stalked you. It is the other way around, as you, your family, the police, your attorneys (Erin Grey and Robin Sax), and the courts know. The only reason you are terrified (if this is even a true statement on your part), is because you don’t want to get caught indulging in your proclivities. Many would not be sad to see you go, but we will settle to see you in prison. The only persons who have committed the act of kidnapping are you and the injustice system you and your family appear to own. That is not how Apphia operates now, nor has it ever been. If she was anything like you, your life truly would be in danger.s

TPO: Section 5f – “Petitioner kidnapped our children in October 2021 and concealed them in Peachtree City, Georgia through December 2021 at which time the Child Abduction Unit located and returned our children to me.

REBUTTAL: (Both you, Detective Tudic, Jennifer martin, Judge Powell who granted you this restraining order know this statement is false. They were never concealed from you. The day after arriving in Peachtree City, GA, Apphia filled out a Good Cause Form, notifying law enforcement and the courts of her whereabouts and stating that she and her children were fleeing abuse which was continuing even after their day in court. You knew exactly where they were.)

TPO: Two counts of parental kidnapping were filed against Petitioner (Apphia) and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

REBUTTAL: (Correct, by the same judge, Judge Michael R. Powell, who granted you this order and filed false charges against Apphia.)

TPO: She has successfully evaded law enforcement and has not yet been arrested. After 6 months of not hearing from her, I received a call from her at midnight her time. I was shocked to hear her voice on the other end of the phone. She was slurring her words. She told me she knows “exactly” how the children are doing and she wants to see them. She has continued to call me, text me, and leave me voice mail messages.

REBUTTAL: (She does know “exactly” how her children are likely doing, and how anyone would be doing around you or your family. She has not spoken to you since April of 2021, nor does she ever intend to again.)

TPO: This causes me great concern after such a long period of silence from her.

REBUTTAL: (You are concerned because she is free and fighting for her children. She knows who and what you are. I’m sure you and California law enforcement were devastated when you stormed Jesseca’s home hoping to silence or imprison her indefinitely.)

TPO: If she has been able to evade law enforcement, I am terrified she will kidnap our kids again and I will never find them.

REBUTTAL: (You are terrified of going to prison for what you have done. The last statement you made to Apphia in 2021, was “do you know what happens to people like me in prison?”. That was a mistake on your part because she knew in that moment that you knew everything you had done to her and her children and that you did it on purpose, regardless of your drug and alcohol abuse.)

TPO: After these calls, a man came to my parent’s home, asked if I was there and how it can find me.”

REBUTTAL: (And how on earth does this relate to Apphia? She has never sent anyone to your parents’ home and neither have we. We don’t want to kidnap her children. We want them safe away from you and your family. I wonder if it was a Freudian slip that you typed “it”, rather than “he” here. Was there ever a man? Even if there was, based on your activities, I’d imagine all sorts of odd fellows might show up at your door. This accusation matches the accusation she leveled against you when a man did walk into her home while she had a restraining order against you. You don't even have the sense to come up with your own lies. You just try to steal her true words spoken against you.)

TPO: Section 6 Has the person abused you in a different way from the abuse you described in 5?
Section 6a – yes. April 2022
Section 6b – Posted on social media

REBUTTAL: (For your information, Apphia has never posted anything about you on social media. Multiple, and separate sources took evidence they accumulated and created websites and video’s because they are so disgusted by you, your family, and every member of law enforcement in your pocket that have allowed you to get away with and continue to abuse your children and ex-wife. This restraining order against Apphia for things she has not done will not help you. We, concerned Americans across this nation, will never stop sharing what you have done, what law enforcement has done, what the courts have done, and what your family has done and continues to do. You don’t have the power nor the ability to restrain the world. For a long time, Apphia could hardly think about or talk about what you, your family, and the legal system did to her and her children. You are not a father. You had a choice, and you chose to be like your family and destroyed the blessing you had. Apphia gave you more grace than you deserved, and you still chose to turn into what you hated. You became the “dark cloud” in your own family. That’s what you used to call your mother if I am correct? You told Apphia that every day you had to come home after school was like coming home to a “dark cloud”. One day you will be caught, and we will not rest until you and everyone that has helped you is in prison. We will not stop until Apphia and her children are safe and far from you, your mother, and the rest of California.)

TPO: Section 6d Did the person cause you any emotional or physical harm? “Yes – Fear for the safety of our children

REBUTTAL: (You and everyone that has helped you are the only threats to your children’s safety, and you and Judge Powell know it.)

TPO: , my parents', my brother and myself of serious bodily harm or death.

REBUTTAL: (Yes, I can see how people telling the truth about you and your family would cause you all fear, fear of imprisonment.)

TPO: Stress because circulated within my work colleagues and may effect (I believe you mean affect)
my ability to support myself and our kids.”

REBUTTAL: (No worries there. Hollywood doesn’t seem to mind employing rapists, child abusers, and pedophiles. Also, Judge Powell who granted you this restraining order gave you all of Apphia’s personal businesses and the family home she built with her money. If you don’t run them into the ground, that gives you plenty of money to care for your sons, since you are clearly trying to convince people that’s something you are actually capable of. I know that what really matters to you is that you have funding to support your nasty habits. One day we will prove this.)

TPO: Section 6g – “Posted video on March 23, 2022, article published in local newspaper on April 15, 2022, websites are up and running. Please see Exhibits.”

REBUTTAL: (An independent group, not Apphia, created a website with evidence of your abuse. She had no knowledge of it at the time. She had no knowledge of video’s posted to social media platforms at the time of this restraining order. She does know about them now. She appreciated the one with a Christian song playing that God would send out an army and never stop fighting for his people and the poem for her sons someone wrote to accompany it. An article about what really happened and who you really are was published in the Fayette County Citizen online. They were provided with supporting evidence prior to running with the article. Again, Apphia did not write that article either. I know the source. One person wrote that article. The first half was written as if they were Apphia, and the second half as a concerned community member. We have copies of the original article that was published, backed by evidence that was provided to the paper. We have noticed the article has been erased like it never existed. Our guess is that you forced the paper via this hysterical restraining order enforced by Judge Powell and Judge Ballard to have it removed. It did them no favors. No matter, we will post it here as an exhibit here to prove that a reliable news source found the evidence it was provided as proof enough to publish [archived copy may be found here - []. Neither I nor Apphia fully know who posted anything concerning Apphia or this case online, nor do we care. The truth is the truth.)

TPO: Section 7 Is there other abuse by the person that you want the judge to know about?
Section7a – “April 19, 2022”
Section7b – Did anyone else hear or see what happened this day? – “my mother, have provided to my attorney and attached hereto as Exhibit.”
Section7d Did the person cause you any emotional or physical harm? Yes – “Fear that she is planning to kidnap or harm our children; fear she is planning to cause me serious bodily harm or death.”
Section7f – “On April 19, 2022, a letter from Petitioner (Apphia) to Jesse Junior arrived for him at my parents house. The letter was mailed from Denver, Colorado. In the letter, Petitioner tells our son their “time apart is temporary”, that she is “on her way home” and she “hopes to see him very soon”. The letter is further disturbing because Petitioner tells our son he has “defeated the lions, that he is a “brave warrior” and she tells him “Not to forget to put on his armor” In light of Petitioner’s disgusting allegations against me, I believe this is her way of telling our son I am somehow a danger to him, which is not true. Both of our children are flourishing – they have finally been able to exhale, and to feel safe and protected in my care.”

REBUTTAL: (They never flourished in your presence, nor will they ever unless you choose to stop being abusive and take responsibility for your actions. They are terrified of and abused by you and your family. You are fooling no one, not yourself, not us, and not even Powell who knowingly granted you this order. We know that you are gone the majority of the time and that your children are left at your parents'. You are leaving your sons that you supposedly care about with your mother who you hate and have accused, while drunk, of sexually abusing you at the age of seven along with your babysitter. We know you and your mother are keeping your children secluded from those that would help them. You need to control and contain Apphia’s sons to protect yourself. It will not work for you, your family, the police, or Judge Powell. Apphia and Jesse Daniel’s accusations about you are disgusting, and they are also true. Who you chose to be is disgusting. I doubt your children have finally been able to exhale. You seem to enjoy preventing your family from actually breathing so your choice of 'exhale' is interesting here.

Apphia’s letter to her sons is included in Senior's Restraining Order and typed out below:

At the top of the letter Apphia begged Sharon Noel to let Jesse read it. “Grandma, please please give to Jesse Jr.” (I can’t imagine how humbling it would be to beg an abusive hateful woman to hand her son a letter, but she did it anyway.) Her exact words in the letter were, “My sweet Jesse Daniel of the Lion’s Den (Jesse’s middle name is Daniel and before bed she would read him stories. One of his favorites was Daniel in the Lion’s Den from the Bible, and she often called him by this nickname. Had Senior ever been around he would have known this. Or perhaps he knew and chose to lie as he always does.), First of all, your Mommy loves you so much. I miss you and Asher with everything in me. Don’t forget that you have already defeated the lions. (When Jesse was frightened of his father, and no one was helping them, she shared this story with him to show how God can save people even when they feel helpless and there is no one around to help. She was trying to remind him of this in a subtle way.) You Jesse are a beautiful gift to me. The fact that God has given me both you and Asher, and the opportunity to be your Mother, is the greatest gift of my Life. Our time apart is temporary. (If there is any justice left in this world, this should be a true statement. And what mother wouldn’t say this to her son who has been trapped by the law and his abuser, ripped from his mother whom he had spent every day of his life with, and who was now left without his “Protector”, Jesse Jr’s name for Apphia.) Before you know it, everything will come together and be worked out. You are a strong and brave warrior. (Encouraging her son who wanted to take self-defense classes when they fled to Georgia so he could protect himself and his baby brother.) Don’t forget to put on your Armor! (Apphia and Jesse would read Ephesian’s 6 where it talks about putting on the armor of God referring to the Spirit of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Boots of Peace, etc. [a non-violent way of fighting using prayer]– I can see how Judge Powell and the Noel family would perceive anything to do with God as highly threatening to their immoral existence.) The next time I see you Jesse, and your brother, little Ashman, will be the Most Spectacular day of my life so far (drawn heart). I will never stop loving you. Love you so much Jesse (drawn heart). Love, Mommy PS – On my way home. (At this time Apphia was about to return to CA and take her chances with the incompetent/corrupt California legal system because she could not bear being apart from her sons any longer. When she was reminded that Senior would never let her see them and that Powell would try to throw her in prison, she decided against acting in desperation. She needed to be free and safe to continue to fight and pray for her sons and to expose Senior and everyone who had helped him.) I hope to see you very soon! (Yep. What mother who had spent every day of her life with her sons and loves them dearly would not hope to see them very soon. Especially when she knows they are in the hands of a family like the Noels.)

TPO: Section8 Other protected people – “Jesse Daniel and Asher David”
Section8b.(2) Why do these people need protection? – “Petitioner previously kidnapped our children and hid them in Peach Tree City, Georgia.

REBUTTAL: (False as both you and Judge Michael R. Powell know.)

TPO: There is a warrant out for her arrest for parental kidnapping.

REBUTTAL: (False charge issued against her by the judge who granted this outrageous restraining order).

TPO: She has been able to evade the police. She has left our children messages on social media telling them she is “coming for them” and will never “stop coming for you.”

REBUTTAL: (Apphia never intended to nor implied she planned to kidnap her children. Apphia will never stop fighting for justice for her abused children who were ripped from her arms - as any mother should. She will never stop until you are all in prison and her children are safe.)

TPO: Petitioner abuses prescription drugs and suffers from mental health issues that have been exacerbated by her drug abuse.

REBUTTAL: (Apphia has no history of EVER abusing prescription drugs and has no mental health diagnosis (besides anxiety and depression after suffering rape and abuse at the hands of her husband). Lie after lie after lie, with no evidence from anywhere to support these accusations. Jesse Daniel met with multiple adults and his only testimony ever, was that you abused alcohol, himself, his little brother, and his mother. No one that knew Apphia, met Apphia after she fled, or who has helped her try to get justice has ever said that she was mentally unwell. No mental health professional, of whom there were many ,that interviewed her in California or Georgia believed her to be mentally unwell or abusing drugs of any kind. Neither did medical doctors who treated Jesse Junior or therapists that Apphia saw in California. They know and believe you are the abuser.)

TPO: I believe the children are at risk of being kidnapped again and if Petitioner is able to kidnap them again, I fear I will never see them again

REBUTTAL: (it is everyone’s goal who knows about this case to ensure you end up in prison and that you never have access to your children again)

TPO: and she will continue to emotionally abuse our children and cause them further distress.

REBUTTAL: (You can’t name one instance of Apphia emotionally abusing her children. Her family, long-time friends, and her many new friends know what a good mother she is and how much her sons love her. Jesse Daniel clearly states that you abuse him, his mother, and his brother. He clearly states that his mother protected him from you. I have seen video after video of her interacting with her kids and they are nothing but happy. She’s not on camera in any of these videos because you weren’t around unless you felt the need to dominate your family to make yourself feel big. I think there’s what, one or two videos of you interacting with Asher where she is filming you, and that’s it? Carrying Asher through a parking garage as newborn, lackadaisically in one arm, talking curtly then kindly to Apphia once you turn around and see she is filming you, and once while you're lying on a couch with Apphia filming. No one is buying your lies. Not even the law enforcement and court officers in your pocket, they just don’t care about Apphia or her sons. They care about your money or power. No one believes you. I have seen your laptop and turned it over to those more equipped to deal with your illicit activities than I. I also have many copies of the hard drive she made before turning it over to the computer forensics company,you know, that company that she found out does a lot of business for your attorneys. We all know who you are and what you do. We will never stop until Jesse Daniel and Asher are safe. We will NEVER stop until justice is served, and you and your friends are in prison! I believe you said Cayden showed you how to do it? What did he show you how to do I wonder? Is he perhaps one of your friends that invites you to the parties where you wear animal heads? We will find out eventually.)

TPO: Section 10 and 14 are truly incredible to me. Section 10 is an Order to Not Abuse – I ask the judge to order the person (Apphia) to not do the following things to me or anyone I’ve listed – “Harass, attack, strike, threaten, assault (sexually or otherwise), hit, follow, stalk, molest, destroy personal property, keep under surveillance, impersonate (on the internet, electronically, or otherwise), block movements, annoy by phone or other electronic means (included repeatedly contact), or disturb the peace.”

REBUTTAL: (Senior literally did every one of these things he lists here to Apphia and her sons. She has done none of these things to Senior or her children. Talk about projection! She is not a violent person. She is a very strong, forgiving, loving, and kind person. During Covid when California stated that tenants didn’t have to pay rent, she met with all of them personally and for those that needed a discount she gave it to them. All her tenants respected her, and they paid her throughout Covid. Who else can claim that? She prayed for her husband for many years to get back to the man she thought she'd married, even as he was violating her. It was not until she realized he was abusing her son and that she might die that she walked away from him. Almost every item in this list was in her restraining order against Senior, was witnessed by others before and after he violated her restraining order, or spoken against him by witnesses and his own son. No one including Judge Powell protected them. Yet, Judge Powell granted Senior this restraining order against Apphia based on no evidence? WOW! Seriously, the audacity of you, your attorney’s, your mother, and Judge Powell!)

TPO: Section 10 – “An Order requiring Petitioner to take down all references to our children, my family, and me, including articles, videos, recordings, pictures, court documents, police documents as this creates a risk of harm to all of us.”

REBUTTAL: (Judge Powell granted this Order. Not to protect Apphia’s children, but to protect his career, and Senior, a rapist and pedophile. Nothing posted online endangers the children. It endangers Senior and those who have helped him. I imagine Senior would like someone to remove his charge sheet from the internet since it clearly shows that not only did his wife and son accuse him of abuse, but so did someone else the month Asher was born. You couldn’t rape your pregnant wife, so you had to go out and find someone else. Bottom line. Nothing anyone ever accuses you of seems to stick. I’d never leave Pasadena or California if I were you. Law enforcement agencies do still exist that take pleasure in arresting, charging, and convicting criminals like yourself. Neither I, nor Apphia, posted the website you are referring to []. I hope they never take it down. The person who wrote the article that was first published provided inspiration for this one, after news spread that you and Judge Powell, and possibly Judge Ballard were trying to bury the truth. Had you not suppressed free speech and tried to steal what you thought was Apphia’s voice, this would never likely have been written. So, thank you. Removing that article from the Citizen also helped Apphia to see that you will do anything to bury the truth and enable the Seniors of this world and families like his to go on hurting everyone around them with no repercussions. Trying to steal what you thought was her voice was also the impetus that led her to release me to share the harder parts of her story. So again, thank you. I am personally disgusted that a victim (now survivor) must be willing to expose some of her worst pain to the public for there to be any chance of saving her children. Your belief that Apphia would crawl into a hole and allow a child molesting rapist who enjoys watching porn involving prepubescent children to maintain unlawful custody of her children, was grossly arrogant and delusional [Exhibits 29, 30, and 34]. Your belief that the people speaking against you were Apphia is entirely false. We are done allowing people such as yourselves to corrupt, endanger, and abuse our children. We will never stop fighting for them.

*** Important to note, in Section 6f and Attachment to DV-100 h., the restraining order clearly states that the voices on social media you hear are those of Judge Powell and Senior’s son Jesse Daniel Noel Junior. His signed order, and the fact that Judge Powell himself grants this order, confirms that the video someone posted on Rumble included Judge Powell’s voice and Jesse Daniel’s. This restraining order clearly states that the video posted on Rumble was accurate and indeed the voices of both Powell and Jesse Daniel. There is no other video posted online with Jesse Daniel’s voice but the one attached below. In the video you clearly hear Judge Powell telling Apphia that it is the parent’s obligation to “make it happen”, meaning that it is a mother’s job to force her son to go with his father and abuser, against Jesse Daniel's own will and safety. He expects her to force her child to go to a man that she knows is violent and sexually disturbed based on her own experiences with him, and from her own eyes when she witnessed Senior suffocating her son! Powell doesn’t care how mature Apphia thinks her son is (i.e. he doesn’t care if she believes her sons words against his father, his cries for help, or the fact that Jesse Daniel begged her (and teachers, and police) not to make him go with daddy). The fact that Powell was ever placed on a bench speaks to how far we have fallen in this country. Every case he has ever ruled over should be intensely scrutinized. In this same video you can hear Jesse Daniel telling the police his father is really mean, that he gives him black eyes, that he steamrolls him (laying on top of him with his full body weight making it very hard to breath). What you don’t hear in the video, is the unedited version where he also clearly tells the police that his father touches his penis and where he basically calls his father a liar when he tries to say Apphia calls Asher annoying, but states very firmly, to his father’s face that he is in fact the one that calls Asher annoying. [, Exhibits 19, and 20]

The fact that Judge Powell refused to grant Apphia and her sons a permanent restraining order against Senior, and the fact that he didn’t have Senior arrested or investigated for violating her restraining order, is a miscarriage of justice. The fact that he did grant Senior a restraining order against Apphia based on the truth of his own actions being exposed is appalling. If Judge Powell isn’t corrupt, then he is inept. I have no idea how he passed the bar. Either way his actions should be investigated, and his time practicing law should come to a quick end! Apphia was never served restraining order paperwork prior to Powell granting Senior's request. She was not aware she had a restraining order against her until November 2022.

Senior’s vs Apphia’s Restraining Order

(The italicized wording in this section is specifically directed towards Senior and everyone helping him. They inevitably stumble upon everyone who seeks to expose them, and in the off chance they get a copy of this article, these words are directly addressing them and not the general audience we intentionally sent this to.)

This woman is one of the most caring and brave people one could ever hope to meet. She befriended Apphia between 2016 and 2017 when Apphia, Senior, and Jesse Daniel lived out here in Georgia. They became fast friends, and their families spent a great deal of time together. Jesseca would begin to suspect something was wrong between Apphia and Senior during a lake trip they took while Apphia lived in Georgia. On a day their families were supposed to go lake swimming she noticed a lot of bruising on Apphia’s legs and asked about it. At the time Apphia would laugh it off saying she bruised easily and would quickly switch the topic of conversation. Jesseca stayed in contact with Apphia when she moved back to California with Senior. She would visit Apphia on more than one occasion. Her first trip to visit with Apphia they went to the beach and Apphia showed her all the sights. Jesseca would notice more bruising and even caught some of them in photos she took of her trip. Jesseca flew back out to California a second time to surprise Apphia and attend the baby shower for little Asher. On this trip Apphia would be late to her baby shower after getting into an argument with Senior. When Apphia picked Jesseca up they would spend hours parked in the car with Apphia crying and asking her to pray. She told Jesseca that Senior was getting really mean. She did not elaborate beyond sharing the time when Senior got angry and forced Apphia out of their car at night. He left her with no purse or phone to walk miles home uphill in high heels while pregnant. By the time she got home her feet were bleeding and the family babysitter told Apphia to call the police because Senior was drunk and missing. Jesse’s brother Casey Noel later found his brother plastered on the streets of their town in a dirt patch across the street from Carl’s Jr. in Echo Park [Exhibit 11]. While visiting in CA, Jesseca saw Senior sneaking out in the middle of the night and when she asked where he was going, he said he was going to a concert. Apphia had no idea he had snuck out until Jesseca told her.

Once Jesseca found out the violence and neglect Apphia was going through she would send money to buy Apphia and the boys’ groceries during the time period Apphia was forced by Senior to sell her car. She would become a person that Apphia could rely on and trust. When Apphia fled to Georgia in the fall of 2021, Jesseca and her husband rearranged the top floor of their home so Apphia and her sons would have a safe place of their own. Jesseca would help comfort them and their children became close friends. Jesseca witnessed multiple calls, emails, and conversations that Apphia would have with law enforcement in GA and CA. She helped Apphia and her sons begin to recover from the trauma that they had experienced and were still going through. She saw Jesse Daniel and Asher start to shift out of fear and terror and begin to have fun again. She saw Jesse Daniel’s Absent Seizures reduce to barely being there, the longer he was away from his abusers (the police, Senior, and Senior’s family). She heard Jesse Daniel talking to himself about his father, and how scared he was of him; he began crying so hard in the room he thought was empty that his words become hard to comprehend. She thinks he was praying to the God his father told him not to believe in. What else was he to do? Who else could help protect him? Almost from the day Apphia arrived in Georgia on October 17, 2021, Jesseca was followed by parties unknown. It was unsettling but Jesseca never allowed anything or anyone to impede her protection of Apphia. Jesseca witnessed Apphia call the local Peachtree City Police Department repeatedly begging them to protect her sons. She witnessed Apphia drive to the police station multiple times to speak with or be blown off by the PTC police department. She heard all the calls with Jennifer Martin, Detective Tudic, and other case related matters like the insurance company confirming that Senior had cancelled the family’s policy right before Apphia was supposed to take Jesse Daniel for his EEG appointment with medical and psychology professionals to determine abuse, and who the perpetrator was. Investigator Jennifer Martin was provided with proof that Senior cancelled his family’s insurance and her response to Apphia and Jesseca's testimony of this along with evidence of their phone calls with the insurance company was that Senior told her he didn't cancel it. Again, she went along with Senior's lies, despite evidence to the contrary [recording of insurance representative stating it was canceled and email available upon request].

After Jesse Daniel and Asher were snatched from Jesseca’s home, she had to protect her own children who were traumatized by the irresponsible actions of the police. Her young daughter would have nightmares about the police taking her away from her mother. On December 26, 2021, Jessica would be swarmed by PTC police as she pulled into her driveway with a friend. The police behaved in an intimidating and rude manner, asked where Apphia was, and told her that if she helped her in any way she would be arrested. A few months later several men would walk around her home after she refused to open her door. They started speaking to her son, a toddler at the time, through the living room window. After that she opened the door to discover they were plain clothed US Marshalls who asked to search her home and wanted to look at her phone. She allowed them to walk around her home and then they accused her of being uncooperative when she refused to let them have her phone. They did not have a warrant and she had not been in contact with Apphia anyway. She would go with a friend to the Fayette County Sheriff’s department to file an incident report involving what she had witnessed transpire in her interactions with the Noel family both in Georgia and California. She also reported being harassed by the police. She and her friend were treated both dismissively and disrespectfully. The officers refused to file an incident report. This entire interaction was recorded [recording available upon request]. Jesseca would call DFCS in Georgia to file a report on what she had witnessed and was told to call California. She called DCFS in California to file a report and again, they did nothing to protect Apphia’s sons. [DFCS/DCFS recordings available if requested]. California investigator Jennifer Martin would continue to email her and accuse her of being in contact with Apphia. One email said that the PTC police department had told Jennifer Martin that she was still in contact with Apphia. Jennifer Martin told her to tell Apphia that telling people in Georgia what was going on would not help her case and that if she wanted to help her sons she needed to return to California. She also told Jesseca that Apphia had been calling Senior begging to get back with him. A legal expert consulted with Jesseca and told her to respond to all parties via email telling them that if they falsely accused her again that the next person, they would be speaking to would be her attorney. To my knowledge they have not contacted her since.

Jennifer Martin is so bad at her job that she accused the PTC police department of something they may or may not have said. Either she or the PTC police lied because Jesseca has not contacted, nor aided and abetted Apphia since the day her children were stolen. Either way, when Jesseca sent her final email to Jennifer Martin last fall, she CC’d PTC police chief Janet Moon with her response. Martin also relayed false information to Jesseca stating that Apphia begged to get back with Senior. Apphia did call him in April of 2022 during a time she was so desperate to get her children that she was about to go back to CA. She recorded the phone calls she made to Senior, and I can assure you she never begged to get back with him and has no intention of ever being with him again. She wants her sons to be safe which is why in an act of desperation she called him; hoping she could detect an ounce of a human in his voice to plea for her children’s safety. Everyone, including Apphia, who knows about this case and what Senior has done wants him in prison where he belongs; along with everyone else who assisted him in abusing her and her sons. Jennifer Martin also told Jesseca that the judge in the case had been switched while trying to lure Apphia back to California. When my sources looked at the legal documents, it was clear that Judge Powell was still making every decision in her family’s case.

Investigator Jennifer Martin also made it clear that they wanted Apphia to stop talking about what happened to her children as they did not want their actions to be made public. Fortunately for them, at the time Apphia’s story was originally shared in Georgia, none of my sources were free to try and spread widely what had happened. Concerned members of Georgia did not try to share what happened outside of their community. Unfortunately for Martin and everyone else who assisted in the abuse of her children, Apphia was never the one sharing what happened to her, beyond the video she allowed one of my sources to record of her brief testimony last April. Around that time, she thought having a recording would be wise, so if she turned herself in and was harmed in any way (legally or physically) there would be a record of her testimony. Unfortunately for Jennifer Martin, this is no longer the case. You have forced Apphia to choose between giving others permission to expose what happened to her and her sons or leave them at the mercy of their abuser. She chose to expose herself, the personal humiliation and degradation, and what transpired with her sons, rather than operate within your corrupt and incompetent legal system that failed to listen to her, her son, all evidence, and common sense. She chooses prayer and seeks justice from those above you and everyone you are working with or for. Only a fool would trust a word you or anyone in California has to say about protecting either her or her sons. Only a fool would turn themselves over to you to be falsely imprisoned or killed leaving her sons defenseless. You didn’t protect her or her children despite their testimony and ample evidence. You didn’t protect her and enforce the law when Senior repeatedly violated her restraining order and with witnesses to prove it. You regurgitate everything Senior says as fact when he provides no evidence and when she provides you with evidence to rebut his lies. I would be shocked if she didn’t end up having some “accident” in jail while waiting for justice if she depended on the likes of you and everyone else who participated in this fiasco of injustice. I know that it kills her every minute of every day that she is separated from her sons. Unfortunately for you and those you work for; she is no longer the traumatized woman you and Senior left her to be. She is strong. She knows about the law now. She knows exactly what you have and have not done, and so do we. She trusts only in God now, the one you all like to make fun of her for believing in.


Jesse Daniel Noel Senior Red Flags:

· His wife and son have accused him of violent physical and sexual abuse.

· Other people have stated that they don’t like him, and have noticed disrespectful interactions by him, towards Apphia.

· When Apphia filed a restraining order against him, he began calling people they've only known for a short time stating, “I’m not saying she’s crazy…but…” A man who is genuinely concerned about his wife doesn’t call everyone they've barely known and make statements like this.

· His own son called him a drunk to police and told Apphia that he would go to his “alcohol spot” where he stashed a lot of alcohol bottles on their property. His own son told Apphia that he would drive by her house on the way to the liquor store after he picked him up from school.

· An innocent man is unlikely to have had additional people accuse them of rape and abuse as indicated by his own official police charge sheet.

· A safe man probably isn’t going to change home building plans to remove the exterior entrance to their planned basement and have the only access point in their home be hidden in the floor of their pantry. A good man doesn't threaten to imprison their wife in it.

· In a very drunken state, he tells Apphia in late 2020 that his mother and a babysitter abused him. Since he was irresponsibly granted custody of his sons by Judge Powell, he has frequently left his sons in his mother's care. Who tells people their mother sexually abused them and then leaves their 9- and 1-year-old in her care?

· He glared down and tried to intimidate Alex on a movie production he had no reason to be on. If I wasn’t abusing my wife and child, I would attempt to talk to another father to explain. Jesse Senior does not explain, he lies to and threatens people.

· His attorneys threatened to sue Apphia’s business partners while she was trying to gain a permanent restraining order against him.

· His attorneys told Apphia that if she reported him for having unsecured explosives by her children, he would not be able to pay child support.

· His own brother tried to excuse his behavior via text to Apphia’s brother-in-law, acknowledging that Senior threatened to expose something regarding the marriage between her sister Tabitha and her husband Joshua Zavala. [Exhibit 12]

· When the police show up at Apphia’s home for the first time, after she’s told Senior that she knows ‘everything’, he first walks to the garage/shipping container she had built for him where she later discovered he kept a gun, and then when police arrived, he walks toward the officers with his hands raised high above his head. What innocent man does this when the police do not have their weapons drawn, nor have they commanded this of him? Perhaps a guilty man whose wife has just told him, "I know everything you've done!"

· At the police station, during their scheduled custody exchange, when his son tells the police that he’s a mean, abusive father, who has touched his penis, Senior's response is very calm. An innocent father whose son is lying or coached, would likely respond with tears or anger based on simple psychology. He doesn't seem to be very reactive to his own son’s ‘false’ allegations against him. My guess is, Senior is a sociopath in need of his own psychological evaluation.

· Within a few days to a week, of fleeing with her sons to Georgia in October of 2021, Apphia had friends return to her home to pick up some of their personal items (baby pictures of her sons, and evidence she had left behind). According to witnesses, Senior had already removed all her property from their home and completely cleared out their house. What innocent father, in genuine fear for his sons’ lives, manages to arrange the removal of all the families’ personal belongings from their home within a week of their disappearance? Perhaps a man with no morals who is desperately searching for his incriminating laptop that was presently in his wife’s possession? Perhaps a man who got off on causing pain and suffering in the lives of his wife and sons? Perhaps a man that is aware that the only actual danger to his family, is himself? I can assure you, if my wife stole and endangered my children, the last thing that would occur to me would be to remove all of her personal items from her home that I no longer shared with her.

· He cancelled his wife and son’s health insurance right before Jesse Junior’s medical appointment that would have clearly shown who was abusing him. [Recordings with insurance representative and email confirmation of cancellation available to appropriate party if requested]. If I had accused my wife of emotionally abusing or coaching my son, I would want nothing more than to have my child attend this appointment, as it should declare my innocence. Yet, every step he takes, and every move he makes, appears like a man hiding from who he has become and what he has done against his wife and children (and likely others).

· A few days before the police first showed up at Apphia's home when called by her brother-in-law, she was in shock and terrified by their arrival. She had been up for several days going through Senior's phone while he was asleep. She scoured bank records as far back as 2019 and looked up his location history. He would go to specific massage parlors (Sunflower Day Spa on Lake Avenue) and other establishments repeatedly. He would drive to the same massage parlor multiple times a day. How many massages does a man need in one 24-hour period? Bank records would show weird charges from 'Service' businesses (Mona services is one of them). She found a pattern of 1 to 2 dollars being charged and then credited back to their account. The same time these odd charges would show up, Senior would withdraw large amounts of cash. This barely scrapes the surface of what she found.

· When searching Senior's phone, Apphia found an app via Playground for chatting and took several screenshots of what she saw. There were odd text messages between Users, all utilizing the names of Jesse Junior and his classmates. Ella Ooooooooooooooooooo for example. When Apphia questioned Senior about this, he told her it was from Jesse Junior's school so students could speak to each other. She asked other parents and the principal about this chat application and none of them knew what she was talking about. What grown man creates a chat with I can only assume other adult members, who are all going by the names of his 9-year-old son and his classmates? [Exhibit 39]

While filming Triple Frontier in Hawaii, Senior contacted Apphia threatening to commit suicide. He threatened to slit his wrists or jump off the balcony where he was staying. She decided to fly out there with Junior to visit with him to make sure he was ok. Once she and Junior arrived, he no longer appeared to be suicidal. After luring them there he took the opportunity to physically and emotionally abuse them or jerk them around. He may also have sexually assaulted her, but Apphia struggled to remember the timeline and could not be certain when I spoke with her. She clearly remembered him screaming at her and Junior, jerking them both around by the arm, and leaving a massive "tickle" bruise on Junior's stomach. She remembers him being mean, just so mean to them. Instead of killing himself he chose to abuse his family. Once Apphia and Junior arrived (his victims), Senior no longer appeared to need to kill himself.

· What innocent man says to his wife in August of 2021, “Do you know what happens to people like me in prison?” What could he have possibly been referring to other than rape or child molestation?

· Senior's web search history involved words like girl, school girl, hardcore, gangb*ng, having sex with one's own mother, an*l, having others use your wife, wrecking a redhead's backside, and more. He either watched hardcore p*rn and acted it out against his wife, or assaulted his wife and then watched similar p*rn. It stands to reason that if his viewing habits matched how he assaulted his wife, then his child pornography habits may be replicated in real life as well. [Exhibit 42].

Apphia's second attorney stated she believed him to be a sociopath and wondered if he had placed a curse on her, impacting her performance in court.[History of text exchanges between Apphia and her 2nd attorney available upon request to appropriate party or agency]

Judge Powell Red Flags:

· He placed 9-year-old Jesse Daniel Junior in his father’s unsupervised custody for several days at a time, after the boy had told his mother, therapists, doctors, teachers, and the police that his father was abusing him.

· He placed a 9- and 1-year old child with their father, without supervision, when there were open child abuse investigations against him. · A text from Apphia's attorney confirmed there was an open child sexual abuse investigation against Senior (Senior was the alleged perpetrator, Junior was the alleged victim) when Judge Powell forced Junior to stay with Senior for weeks unsupervised. The attorney was shocked by multiple decisions made by Powell and once texted that he must believe himself to be god. [History of text exchanges between Apphia and her 2nd attorney available upon request to appropriate party or agency]

· He placed Jesse Daniel Junior in his father’s custody after the court appointed psychologist testified during the August 6, 2021 hearing that he was abused by his father.

· Judge Powell refused to hear from computer experts and other witnesses that could attest to the fact that Jesse Senior viewed underage pornography just as Apphia had stated on more than one occasion.

· Judge Powell refused to hear from Jesse Junior’s therapist, Bren Chasse, that he began seeing after his doctors told Apphia he needed therapy. A therapist who immediately enrolled him in group therapy with other children who had been sexually abused.

· He placed Jesse Daniel Junior with his father for two full weeks at a time after Junior was caught on tape telling the police, “Oh, um, so/sir I just wanna, stay with my mommy. So what’s going on is, um, so uh, I really wanna stay with my mommy, but, um, everybody says I have to stay with my daddy, but (starts to cry) my daddy hurt me, and he’s touched my penis, and he (inaudible) he steamrolled me, and he like rolled over me, and he’s…and it really hurts and I like bruised my eye a couple times because of him and (audible crying), and (sniffles) he’s really mean….inaudible”. Rather than investigating or arresting Senior, he placed Jesse Junior in Senior’s custody and accused Apphia of violating the custody order. If he didn’t find Apphia to be credible, he still ignored the testimony of her son. Both Asher and Jesse Junior could have been placed in DCFS custody for their own safety, until the police and DCFS actually did their jobs. Instead, he placed Jesse Junior in the hands of his abuser, after he had spoken out against him!

· During the August 6, 2021, hearing there was clear evidence and additional witnesses that saw Jesse Senior violating Apphia’s restraining order against him. Rather than arresting Senior or questioning the police for their inaction, he stated that Apphia, her son, other witnesses, and others who were not allowed to testify were not credible or pertinent.

· Judge Powell was provided with a note from one of Jesse Junior’s seizure doctor’s (Dr. Latanya Agurs, MD), stating that any change in his routine (removing him from his home with Apphia) would be detrimental to his health. His response to her letter in court was something akin to, “I think she might be living in a vacuum, and she might not have all the information.”

· Judge Powell clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur. He finds himself to be wiser than abused women and children, medical professionals, licensed therapists, all witnesses, and domestic violence specialists. They all strongly believe that Jesse Noel Junior and his mother were abused by Jesse Noel Senior.

· Judge Powell granted Jesse Senior a restraining order against Apphia based on no evidence whatsoever. He failed to make her restraining order against Senior permanent when she had clear evidence that he should have been arrested and had violated the order. [Exhibit 6]

Pasadena Police Department and DCFS Red Flags:

· They labeled Apphia as an insane person contrary to all evidence. When they attempted to have her 5150’d they were unable to do so based on professionals assessing her mental health on scene. They left her with her children and did nothing to investigate.

· They failed to arrest Senior when he violated her restraining order either stating there was no proof, or when there was proof, that her restraining order was expired (the order had not expired). Proof that her restraining order was extended until her August 6, 2021, hearing was provided to the police department, and they still failed to arrest him.

· Rather than interviewing Apphia and her sons by those trained to do so, they spoke to her in highly disrespectful and inappropriate ways. She was either crying too much, or not crying enough, depending on which officer she spoke to at any given time. Officer Rosa asked her if she enjoyed being raped by her husband. He also reported that her credibility was in question because she hired an attorney prior to filing for the restraining order. Apphia was not familiar with how to handle domestic violence or the criminal justice system. She hired an attorney that was recommended to her by family in order to file the restraining order. There is nothing suspicious about this.

· No one in the police department or DCFS formally interviewed her son based on his own independent allegations against Senior between the months of April 2021 and October 2021. It is possible that some professional attempted to question him at school during the month of late September – October 2021 prior to Apphia fleeing to GA with her sons. Based on Jesse Junior’s own testimony he was walked to the interview room by his abuser and then forced to drive away with him.

· No one attempted to conduct a forensic interview until they were trying to protect themselves and cover their own inaction. Junior’s forensic interview was not conducted at their request, until Apphia was attempting to get legal help for her sons in Georgia.

· The police department refused to provide Apphia and her attorneys with all the body cam footage recorded during her and her sons’ interactions with the police.

  • The Police Department failed to investigate Senior for child pornography after Apphia told them that she had seen him watching prepubescent child orgies on his phone. After Senior stole and removed all of Apphia's personal belongings from her home in October of 2021, her friends went to her home and found it emptied out. Her friends did recover Senior's infamous laptop in a trash bag left on the street by her home. The exterior was damaged, but the interior was intact. The laptop was recently turned over to private investigators who are in the process of reviewing it.

Sgt. Jennifer Martin and Detective Tudic Red Flags:

Martin repeatedly ignored and disregarded evidence provided to her by Apphia and Jesseca. She willfully and intentionally assisted Judge Powell in kidnapping Apphia’s sons and returned them to their abusive father and made false statements concerning Apphia's mental stability. Based on all contradictory evidence, she regurgitates Jesse Senior’s lies as if they are statements of fact and makes false allegations against those who support Apphia and her children.

In early police reports, when Senior violates Apphia's restraining order it states that the case is referred to Detectives. The only Detective's name mentioned in this case is Tudic. Is he solely responsible for the lack of appropriate and timely investigation into the accusations made against Senior concerning child molestation, marital rape, and restraining order violations witnessed by others? We do know that he failed to conduct a forensic interview with Jesse Junior until after Apphia fled to Georgia with her children.

Court and Prosecutorial Action Red Flags:

California sends over a report to Georgia on December 15, 2021, after she is granted an emergency ex parte hearing that could have granted her full custody of her sons in the state of Georgia. Suddenly, she is mentally unwell and a danger to her children. Suddenly they need to protect Jesse Junior and Asher from their mother. She is charged with parental kidnapping by Judge Powell on December 16, 2021. Suddenly she is being accused of concealing the children. There is no evidence that she is mentally unstable.

· CA doctors and therapists supported Apphia and her sons.

· CA police reports stating that her own closest relatives are unaware of any mental instability pertaining to her.

· The children are never removed from her physical custody between the months of April – August 2021, and partial physical custody between September 2021-December 2021, all while having numerous interactions with the police.

· Multiple medical professionals interacted with Apphia and Jesse Junior between 2020 and 2021. They never file an abuse report against her. They do file abuse reports against Senior.

· Apphia interacted with licensed therapists and domestic violence specialists in both CA and GA. You know, those people qualified to detect mental instability, unlike the Pasadena police department and Judge Powell. No one indicated or believes that she is mentally unstable (i.e., paranoid, schizophrenic, bipolar, postpartum, suicidal, or other personality disorder)

· In 2021, the psychiatrist she saw in CA added an additional trauma diagnosis to her file. I have a formal letter provided by that office from 2021, clearly stating that the only things she was ever diagnosed with were depression, anxiety, and ADHD. All of these are associated with a clinical trauma diagnosis, which was also added to her file in the Spring of 2021.

· The CA district attorney repeatedly fails to press charges against Senior.

· Judge Ballard grounds a warrant for her arrest and hands over abused children to their abuser prior to the ex parte hearing he granted Apphia.

· To many mistakes to count.

Red Flags


Those in power have done an effective job at teaching a young boy, that no matter who he asks for help, he will be returned to his abuser. He told his mother. Though she tried her hardest to protect him, her rights were violated by those in authority. When he told the police they did nothing. When he told the courts via his court appointed psychologist, Judge Powell ordered him and his little brother to live with their abuser, unsupervised. When he told his teachers that he was afraid of his father and did not want to leave with him, he was forced to go anyway. The school did nothing. The police did nothing. The Department of Children and Family Services did nothing. The courts did nothing to protect him in CA or GA. Congratulations! You all taught a 9-year-old boy that his own body, voice, and safety does not matter to adults or those in authority. You taught his mother that to fight for her children will further endanger her own life. You allowed a dangerous man to stalk and harass her and her friends. You militarized federal agencies to hunt her down for trying to protect her sons from their abuser, after you failed to do so. You taught her that no one is trustworthy. She learned that to share what has happened to her and her sons will lead to false accusations and attacks on her personal character and mental wellbeing; that to fight for her sons will lead to police and judicial persecution and the theft of her livelihood, if not life. Apphia spent every day with her sons until she tried to protect them from her abusive husband. You ripped them from her arms and placed them with a dangerous man and his family. You have robbed these children of their mother, safety, freedom, personal autonomy. You stole Jesse Daniel's voice. You stole his trust and faith in adults and institutions that are only supposed to be in place to protect him and the rest of us. You tried to steal what you thought was Apphia's voice and silence her. You have taken over a year from them and their mother that they can never get back.

Letter to All Americans

If someone tried to kidnap you or your children, you could physically stop or shoot them. If someone tried to traffic you or your children, you could forcefully try to prevent it. In America, if someone was physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing you or your children you are supposed to be allowed to defend yourself. One way we used to protect ourselves was to go through legal channels. Sadly, in many parts of America, this is no longer a viable option. What are we supposed to do as parents? What is a mother supposed to do when no one in power follows the law to protect her or her children? What is a mother supposed to do when a judge threatens to throw her in jail if she doesn’t force her abused 9-year-old son to go off with his predator? What is a mother supposed to do when the police ignore her sons cries for help and do not investigate his allegations of abuse; when the police fail to enforce the law, exposing her and her children to a dangerous man and his family? What is a mother supposed to do when a judge forces her son to go stay with his father when there is an open child sexual abuse investigation against him? Apphia followed the law when she fled to Georgia with her sons who had visible bruises on them after the final two weeks she was forced (by Powell’s threat to throw her in jail) to hand over her sons to her ex-husband Senior. She was following the law when she filled out the Good Cause form when she arrived in Georgia. She was following the law when she attended the November 17, 2021, custody hearing; the one where CA Judge Powell continued on, after Apphia’s attorney abruptly quit during the first minute. Any good attorney who was competent, honorable, and unable to be intimidated, bought, or bullied by Senior or his high-powered attorney’s (Erin Grey and Robin Sax), could have every unlawful and stupid decision Judge Powell made overturned. Any attorney interested in actual justice could go after every police department who failed to enforce the law when Apphia contacted them. Quite frankly, any good appellate judge who understood truth, justice, and common sense could remove Judge Powell and overturn every outrageous decision he made in this case (and any other cases he's presided over). Any Pasadena police officer interested in doing their job and enforcing the law could still arrest Senior for his clear violations of the restraining order Apphia was awarded against him in April 2021. Frankly, if any law enforcement officer followed Senior for any length of time, he could easily be arrested for DUI, prostitution, or possibly raping another man, woman, or child. Any ATF officer interested in protecting the public should revoke Jesse Senior's FEL license [9-CA-111-20-9G-01534 20-Manufacturer of Explosives; 9-CA-111-33-9G-01535 30-User of Explosives] that allows him to create and use explosives. He is a known alcoholic and also failed to adhere to federal safety guidelines when storing explosives around his children and on his property. He also noted on police reports that he was suicidal, but somehow, he's safe and competent enough to possess explosives that are far more dangerous to the public than a gun.

Let me be clear. What has transpired in the case of Apphia, Jesse Junior, and Asher is nothing short of government sanctioned trafficking. The police and judges in this case physically forced a 9-year-old boy to go stay with a drunk father who liked to suffocate, hit, and otherwise abuse him and his little brother Asher, who was only 1 at the time. They willfully chose to ignore a child who told police, teachers, his mother, therapists, family doctors, and a court-appointed psychologist that he was abused by his father. They willfully chose to ignore medical professionals who were reporting Senior as Jesse Junior’s suspected abuser. They willfully chose to ignore Apphia when she told them he raped and suffocated her, that he was addicted to child pornography, and abused her sons. In Georgia the police willfully chose not to help Apphia and her sons, nor did they care to investigate her accusations of rape or domestic violence that occurred in their own town between 2016 and 2017. Utilizing the police in California and Georgia, CA Judge Powell and GA Judge Ballard forcefully snatched Jesse Junior and his baby brother Asher from their home in Georgia and willfully handed them over to their abuser. They then falsely charged Apphia with parental kidnapping for several strategic reasons: 1) to ensure she would not receive, nor be able to attend, the emergency ex-parte hearing she had already been granted by Judge Ballard, 2) to remove the ability of her friends and family to legally support, protect, or shelter her, 3) to leave her in prison had they caught her so no one could protect her or her children, and 4) Judge Powell had already stolen her businesses and handed them over to Senior leaving her penniless, and with a warrant out for her arrest, she could not acquire a non-profit/pro-bono attorney to help assist her surrender to police (she contacted several law agencies that stated they would not or could not help her with a warrant out for her arrest).

If I saw someone outside of law enforcement behaving in this manner, I would legally be able to do everything in my power to stop them. What can one do, when the perpetrators of child abuse and violence against women are so ingrained in what is supposed to be our justice system? I should not be surprised as our federal government is presently complicit in the trafficking of children across our border every day, yet somehow, I find myself stunned that something like this could happen in my country. To American children. To a loving protective mother and her young sons who have now been in the hands of their abusers since December 20, 2021. All thanks to our “justice” system, which more and more appears to be nothing more than organized crime with a badge, law degree, or gavel.

Unless you are abusing your children, NO ONE is supposed to have more authority over your kids than you. A recent major time in history when a government had this kind of control over families was Nazi Germany. Hitler would take German children he deemed imperfect from their homes and kill them in gas chambers or experiment on them. He would indoctrinate young children and teach them to report on their parents and anyone else with dissenting views. We now live in a country where many young adults know little to nothing about their own government or even who Hitler was. We now live in a country where children are considered mature enough to decide whether or not they wish to permanently and irrevocably alter their anatomy, but according to Judge Powell, are not mature enough to know who they want to live with, or which parent is inappropriately touching their anatomy. We now live in a country where parents are being arrested and labeled as terrorists for trying to speak up for their children. We are living in a country where teenage rapists are transferred from one school to the next after raping their classmates in bathrooms, so they can go on to do it again. When fathers of victimized girls try to speak up about it at school board meetings they are arrested while nothing is done to the school board members, school officials, or law enforcement agencies that allowed the abuse to occur. Children are being ripped from their parents’ loving arms without cause, and children who are actually being abused are left alone to protect themselves. We live in a society where members of Hollywood, be they directors, producers, writers, actors, or special effects workers are allowed to continue working and are rarely ever prosecuted for accusations of abuse concerning women and children. This seems to be particularly prevalent with Disney, Marvel, and DC productions. We live in a society where we continue to give Hollywood our money and watch movies that rapists and child abusers are making, yet somehow expect things will change. We continue to buy Balenciaga or support celebrities who still stand by Balenciaga. What are we doing as a nation, as a people? At this point animals protect themselves and their children more than we do. Animals are now allowed to protect their offspring more than we are as American’s.

What would you do if a judge ordered you to hand over your child to a man who loved child pornography? What would you do if a judge ordered you to hand over your sons to a drunk whose favorite past times were rape and sodomy, child pornography and molestation, physical abuse, and suffocation? Apphia did it for a month after Judge Powell threatened to throw her in jail for 3 months, leaving her sons entirely in Senior’s care, unprotected. The final time she got them back bruised and despondent, she knew she would never again, and should NEVER hand her children over to be abused by the Noel family. She tried to fight for her sons legally and did everything right. She filed for a restraining order. She called the police when it was violated by Senior. As they were labeling her insane, she still tried to tell the police some of the abuse she had suffered at the hands of Senior. Their response: Did you enjoy it?! She told them he was watching pre-pubescent porn and they investigated nothing. She took her son to medical doctors to treat the seizures brought on by Senior’s abuse. She took her son to therapists as recommended by his medical doctors. She took her son to see the court-appointed psychologist who backed up her son’s testimony. She showed up to court with many witnesses that were largely ignored or excluded by Judge Powell. She spent an enormous amount of money on attorney’s fees prior to Judge Powell handing over her income and businesses to Senior on November 17, 2021. Senior spent at least 500,000 on Grey and Sax as of 2021. She pleaded with the court to protect her sons and was ignored. She asked the judge to order Senior to go to substance/alcohol abuse counseling once it was clear that Powell would force her sons to stay with Senior. Her request was refused by Judge Powell. She pleaded with PTC police for months by phone and in-person begging them to do something. They did. Under Judge Powell and Ballard's instruction, they helped traffic a then 10-year-old Jesse Junior and almost 2-year-old Asher and handed them over to a violent rapist and child molester, Senior.

To everyone who lives in Georgia or California, the legal system has failed you miserably and allowed a dangerous predator to roam freely. Anywhere movies are made Jesse Daniel Noel Senior or his family could be. To protect yourselves and your children I would avoid this man at all costs. To protect yourselves and your children I would also avoid Judge Powell, Judge Ballard, and whoever is running PTC and Pasadena Police Departments. For any man, woman, or child who is in a dangerous relationship, there are helpful links and resources where you can learn the safest ways to leave an abusive relationship. Restraining orders can be helpful, but ultimately, they are nothing more than a piece of paper; especially when you live in an area where you cannot rely on a trustworthy police department or judicial system to enforce the law. If you have children and your abuser is wealthy, powerful, or connected, it is equally important for you to check out Domestic Violence Resource Links and Agencies to ensure you and your children can safely separate.

***Many times, abusers will be tracking your phone and other electronic devices such as laptops or place trackers on your car. If you are in an abusive relationship, if possible, borrow a trustworthy friend’s phone to look up domestic and family violence resources.

*** If you know someone who has been rendered powerless or is in danger, help them. If you know someone being unlawfully oppressed or victimized by their abusers or members of law enforcement, help them; no matter what threats local police chiefs, prosecutors, or judges may throw your way. If those sworn to uphold the law fail to do so, carefully and prayerfully consider what you should do. It was illegal for Germans to help or hide the Jews. When laws that guide you are evil, or when just laws are no longer enforced by those in power, you need to do what is right and protect those around you.

To Those Complicit:

Had any one of you involved in this case, acted with an ounce of professionalism, competency, justice, or compassion towards Apphia and her sons, Jesse Daniel Noel Senior would be in jail, Apphia’s sons would be safe in her arms, and Senior would not have been free to victimize the world while helping to fund the child porn industry these past two years. Jesse Junior would not have been taught that his voice, body, autonomy, and safety were meaningless to every adult around him. Asher would not have been ripped from the arms of a mother he had spent every day of his life in. Your actions are despicable, and I strongly suggest you rectify your mistakes and illegal actions quickly. This house of cards you’ve built around yourselves will inevitably collapse.

A note to Jesse Noel Senior: (I know you always have a way of quickly finding and trying to suppress any true story written about you)

This is who you had and who you tried to ruin. (BIBLE - Proverbs 31:10-31). The only person you’ve managed to ruin is yourself. Even after years of your abuse, Apphia still loved you, kept her heart open to you, treated you with compassion and respect, and prayed for you continuously. Had you quit abusing substances and Apphia, and had she failed to notice your eye’s turning toward your own son, you could have had a happy and loving life, even after all you had done. After Apphia filed the restraining order against you, had you taken responsibility for your actions and behaved in a more gentlemen like manner, this could have turned out much differently for you. Instead, you chose to lie to yourself and everyone around you. You chose to acquire sons that you care nothing for, beyond the entertainment they provide you as you abuse them. Not because you love and care for them, but to use them as you used their mother, and to protect yourself from being imprisoned for what you did to them. Trust me when I tell you, very few people around you are unaware of who you are. Those still around you are there to share in your sordid activities or to protect themselves from the fallout you will leave in your wake. You can’t hide your level of evil. You have not been hidden for quite some time.

The best and only chance you have at this point is to turn yourself in and take responsibility for your actions. This is the only loving action you have left to give to your sons. If your mother, a babysitter, or any other member of your family abused you as a child, turn them in. If you lied to Apphia about this, which I seriously doubt as much as I might wish to, then publicly deny or confirm your story to protect or convict your own mother. Turn in everyone you know connected to your illicit activities which includes child pornography. Perhaps you can cut a deal with law enforcement. Protect your ex-wife and your sons from both yourself, your family, and other’s you have exposed your children to. In this life, or eternity, the only chance you have is to take responsibly for yourself and change who you are, who you have willfully chosen to be. I know Apphia will never stop fighting for the safety of her sons. She is stronger now than she has ever been. She is stronger now than when you first met her and didn’t understand how everything she touched could be so successful. Envision how successful she was in all her businesses and with her family before you chose to blow it up. How much more is she committed to and does she love her boys. We now share her passion. She is not alone. We (national community) will never stop until you, your family, and every legal representative who has helped you abuse your wife and sons are exposed or in prison. Allow me to assure you, you will not be another Hollywood Harvey Weinstein who is allowed to go on abusing women and children for decades while everyone looks the other way due to your family’s money and power, or members of law enforcement that you own. I know this is and has been common in California and Hollywood. It will be no longer.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

"Learn to do good. Seek justice: help the oppressed; defend the orphan; plead for the widow." Isaiah 1:17

1. Pray for the safety of Apphia’s sons, Jesse Daniel and Asher, who have been placed by the courts directly into the hands of their abuser. They have been with Senior and separated from their mother since December 20, 2021.

2. Pray for the safety of Apphia who has been in increasing danger from the Noel family and law enforcement, that is either firmly paid off or incompetent, as proven apparent since Apphia first tried to get protection for herself and her sons.

3. Pray for justice in this case and in this nation.

4. Pray that Apphia’s sons are still alive and that someone in power will remove them from their abusive father and his family.

5. Pray that Judge Michael R. Powell is investigated. That if he is corrupt that he ends up in prison where he belongs. That if he is simply incompetent, that he is disbarred to ensure he can never endanger the lives of those he presides over ever again.

6. Pray that the Pasadena police department, Detective Tudic, and DA investigator Jennifer Martin are investigated. That those found to be corrupt are imprisoned and those found to be incompetent are fired or better trained.

7. Pray that Judge Ballard is investigated. That if he is corrupt that he ends up in prison where he belongs. That if he is incompetent, that he is disbarred to ensure he can never endanger the lives of those he presides over ever again.

8. Pray that the Peachtree City police department, police chief Janet Moon, and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department are investigated. That those found to be corrupt are imprisoned and those found to be incompetent are fired or better trained.

9. Pray for the legal systems in this country. Pray that honorable, righteous, discerning, and wise police officers, prosecutors, and judges rise to higher places of authority. Pray that corrupt, incompetent, and unjust leaders fall, and that better men and women are raised up to lead and protect the citizens of this country.

10. Pray that any other injustice committed against individuals and families by these parties are brought to light and corrected where possible.

11. Pray that Hollywood, or those within the movie industry that participate in, promote, or ignore the abuse of women and children are brought down. Pray that people will stop enabling them by watching films produced, directed, or created by those who have established histories of sexual and physical allegations brought against them. Pray that their money and funding dry up. Pray that we stop tolerating and funding those who abuse others.

12. Finally, pray against all injustice in this nation. Pray that courageous moral leaders will rise in our governments, in our communities, in our legal system, in our school systems, in our media, and in our churches. Pray that the government no longer has the right or ability to suppress the truth. Pray that order is restored in this nation. Order that places the authority over our children back in the hands of parents where it belongs. Pray that legal authorities no longer have the power to force parents and children to bow down and suffer at the feet of those that abuse them. Pray that the voices of our children can no longer be suppressed, ignored, and stolen.

13. If you are in California or Georgia and seeking justice for yourself or your children, avoid Judge Powell and Judge Ballard at all costs!

14. If you are a predator, definitely hire Robin Sax and Erin Grey. They have no qualms about endangering either women or children. Keep in mind family court involving custody is not criminal court. You aren’t forced to represent the guilty, so they have their day in court. These attorney’s knowingly and willingly, for loads of money, endangered Jesse Daniel and Asher’s lives and future. I wonder if one of these women were also his attorney when he was accused of rape by someone in January of 2020. They’re quite good at getting predators whatever they want and trashing innocent victims.

15. If you live in California, Georgia, or anywhere else where films are being made, keep an eye out for Jesse Noel Senior. If you value your safety and your children’s, stay clear of this man. To all women out there who live in or near Pasadena. If Jesse Senior has not sold the home that Apphia spent all her money to build for her family, there is a hidden basement in the pantry where he threatened to leave her where no one would find her. Access to it is under a floor rug in the kitchen pantry and the only way into it is via a welded ladder that he installed. Stay clear of this man and his home. And, if anything he says can still be believed, stay clear of his mother!

Action Steps

January 1, 2020 - **** This accusation was not made by a member of Jesse Daniel Noel Senior’s immediate family to include Apphia Noel, or his sons.

Sec. 261(A)(2) California Penal Code

(a) Rape is an act of sexual intercourse accomplished with a person not the spouse of the perpetrator, under any of the following circumstances:

(2) Where it is accomplished against a person's will by means of force, violence, duress, menace, or fear of immediate and unlawful bodily injury on the person or another.

January 1, 2021 - *** If this charge relates to Apphia, she does not believe she interacted with police concerning her husband at this time. The police either put the wrong date here if this pertains to Senior abusing Apphia, or someone else (other than her or her boys) tried to press charges against him.

Sec. 273.5(A) California Penal Code


Any person who willfully inflicts corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition upon a victim described in subdivision (b) is guilty of a felony, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years, or in a county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of up to six thousand dollars ($6,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment.

June 1, 2021

Sec. 273A(A) California Penal Code

(a) Any person who, under circumstances or conditions likely to produce great bodily harm or death, willfully causes or permits any child to suffer, or inflicts thereon unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering, or having the care or custody of any child, willfully causes or permits the person or health of that child to be injured, or willfully causes or permits that child to be placed in a situation where his or her person or health is endangered, shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison for two, four, or six years.

June 1, 2021

Sec. 288(A) California Penal Code

(a) Except as provided in subdivision (i), a person who willfully and lewdly commits any lewd or lascivious act, including any of the acts constituting other crimes provided for in Part 1, upon or with the body, or any part or member thereof, of a child who is under the age of 14 years, with the intent of arousing, appealing to, or gratifying the lust, passions, or sexual desires of that person or the child, is guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for three, six, or eight years.

Summary of Charge Sheet for Jesse Daniel Noel Senior:

The Hunger Games: The Ballard of Songbirds and Snakes
Flight Risk
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Spiderwick Chronicles
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Land of the Lost
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The Voice
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Minority Report
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Spider-Man 3
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12 Rounds
Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Fast & Furious 5
Audi Commercial
Olympus Has Fallen
Hangover 3
Fast & Furious 7
Big Bang Theory
Captain America 2
Agents of Shield
Fast & Furious 7
Fast & Furious 7 the Ride
Hail, Caesar!
Fast & Furious 8
Fast & Furious 8
Behind Enemy Lines
Jumanji 2
The Rescue
Spider-Man 3
Lions for Lambs
Die Hard 4
Mummy 3
Incredible Hulk
Witch Mountain
The Last Airbender
National Guard Commercial
Bank of Norway Commercial
Last Resort
Wolf of Wall Street
Bank of America Commercial
American Sniper
Terminator 5
The Finest Hours
Ninja Turtles
Suicide Squad
First Man
Transformers III
Pacific Rim
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Transformer 5
The Rescue
True Lies
Spider-Man 3
Green Hornet
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Transformers 4
Chevy Commercial
The Rescue

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